WATCH First-Ever Blind Chef Leave Gordon Ramsay Speechless — Where Is She Now?

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Christine Há was the first-ever blind chef to compete on the popular show MasterChef in 2012. Her inspirational story and passion will always be remembered as one of the greatest television moments of all time. Where is Christine today?

Blind Chef Christine Há Impressed Gordon Ramsay And Won ‘MasterChef’

Gordon Ramsay and the judges were absolutely stunned when they first saw Christine enter the kitchen on her debut episode of MasterChef in season three. She cooked a Vietnamese comfort food dish featuring catfished braised in a clay pot. Ten years prior to appearing on the show, Christine was diagnosed with neuromyelitis optica, a condition that affects her nerves and spinal cord. She gradually started losing her vision and uses her sense of taste to make sure that all of her food is up to par. Gordon praised her for tasting every component of her dish. “You’re going to be judged like everybody else in this competition,” Gordon said before tasting her dish. He commended her but said it was missing the rice that she refused to serve because it was not up to par. She made it into the next round and dominated the competition.


There were several curveballs thrown her way that provided and even bigger challenge for Christine. The other contestants weren’t always so nice to her, whether it was picking her last to be on their team or making her cook a live crab during a challenge which proved to be difficult for her. The judges described this as a “tough blow” to her by her fellow competitors. Her plating of the crab ceviche she made ended up being so beautiful Gordon asked “are you really blind?” He went on to say “you cook every freaking time like an angel” after tasting her dish.

Christine went on to win seven challenges that season before taking home the title of MasterChef and $250,000.

Where Is Christine Today?

After winning MasterChef, Christine came out with her cookbook in 2013 called “Recipes from My Home Kitchen: Asian and American Comfort Food.” She began hosting a cooking show geared towards those who are visually impaired called Four Senses along with going on to become a guest judge on season four of MasterChef. She led the season four contestants in a challenge where they had to wear blindfolds while cooking, to mimic the sort of experience she had on the show cooking while blind.

Christine even opened up a restaurant called The Blind Goat in which she just celebrated the one year anniversary for.

Not to mention she is working on opening up a second restaurant called Xin Chào. It’s pretty safe to say that Christine is a total bada** and hasn’t let anything stop her from achieving her dreams. She also celebrated her 10 year anniversary with her husband and business partner who we were first introduced to when he came to support her on MasterChef.


Let us know down below if you were inspired by Christine’s story and if there are any other MasterChef contestants whose stories we should delve into next.


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