WATCH Doja Cat’s Apology On Chat Room Anti-Blackness, Hating Her Hair, Racist Lyrics…

Mriganka Chawla
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WATCH Doja Cat's Long Apology On Hating Her Hair, Chat Room Anti-Blackness, Racist Lyrics ...Instagram

After Doja Cat was canceled when news broke that she participated in anti-black chat rooms, the “Say So” songstress put out a public apology earlier yesterday which was considered half a** by a chunk of the black community. Twitter did not hold back and now she is sitting down and explaining it all.

Doja Started with self-hate, “I’ve seen Tweets about… It’a not even me, it’s my friends helping me see through the Twitter filter, I am not on Twitter. That sh*t hurts my feelings.”

She spoke about how she avoids social media because it brings her down and we get it, girl, we do. “I know exactly what you guys were talking about as far as self-hate goes. I had a video of me talking about my hair. I have a lot of trouble taking care of my hair.”


“A lot of my friends who have hair like me would agree that it takes a lot of time. What I think is the mistake that i have made is that saying it on a social platform. Saying it out in public. Maybe being honest about how I feel, about taking care of my hair was a bad idea.

Doja Agrees The controversial Song Was ‘The Worse Song’ & She Will Rewrite It

“The lyrics in the song don’t make sense. I see some of the interpretations of the lyrics, a lot of them are wrong. I can rewrite the lyrics for you guys, I don’t know how important that is but if you need me to, I can.”

Doja clarified, “but that song is in no way connected to police brutality or Sandra Bland.”

“The chat room that I go to is a public chatroom. It’s me, my friends, you go in there, it’s a free platform. Now you pay $30 to get to the c hat room which is a new thing.”

“I learnt that there are racist people who come in and out of the chat. They are there. They happen and then they are banned. The idea that this chat room is a white supremacist chatroom is … I don’t fully understand it, in any way.”

“The hard R N word, I am in no way into race play. I don’t know anybody who does it. These people who made the video about me… I am completely not into it. I am kinky as f*ck, very kinky but to that extent, no.”

She spoke from her heart to the people she had hurt, “When I used (the N word) it, I was in chatroom all the time and I was kinda locked away and I was always on there dealing with people just coming at me left and right talking about different slanderous terms. The term that I used in the song, I learnt that day so

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