WATCH David Blaine Perform Virtual Magic For Hospital Workers During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Medical workers on the frontlines are all working hard to try and care for an overwhelming number of coronavirus patients. They all deserve to have smiles on their faces and to have their days brightened. Magician David Blaine is doing just that. He is performing magic tricks remotely via FaceTime for medical workers to give them something to smile about.

Blaine captioned his most recent Instagram post, “My thoughts and prayers for all those affected. My deepest gratitude to ALL who are keeping us going, especially the first responders, law enforcement, the nurses and doctors. We all as one will come together and beat this!”

David Blaine Uses Magic To Thank People On The Frontlines During Coronavirus

“I was driving once, got a call and pulled over immediately,” Blaine told The New York Post. “I took out a deck of cards and did FaceTime magic as best I could.” He takes pride in performing for these workers and heroes and makes sure it fits into their schedules. “I jump to it because you don’t know what will be going on, and who will be where, if you call back 10 minutes later. But what I do is easy. The real challenge is what nurses and doctors and patients are going through on the front lines.”

Blaine has been staying in Los Angeles during the coronavirus outbreak but is from New York. He has been in contact with New York hospitals and makes time for hospital workers whenever they call and want him to do a trick. The only thing the workers need to do is have a deck of cards handy. Blaine lets the magic do the talking.

David Blaine’s Efforts Have Been Applauded By Fans

He has received a lot of positive responses to his efforts to brighten the days of frontline workers. On his recent Instagram posts, people have been expressing gratitude for his actions during this grim time. “That’s awesome that you’re doing this. Thank you for all you’ve done and keep doing it,” said one comment.


Another person documented their experience seeing Blaine’s magic in person last year. They said “Thank you, David, for your visits to us at Mount Sinai – here near the Holidays in December last year…your presence was powerful and impactful and changed the experience of so many children, parents and staff. Thank you for using your great skill, care and love with our community. Play, art and magic will help us heal.” His magic is no doubt an effective way to help people get through this difficult time.

David Blaine Thinks Of Magic As A Distraction For Medical Workers

His main goal in performing magic tricks for these workers is to distract them for a few minutes. Their schedules are hectic and they deserve to have a few minutes of laughter throughout their day. Diane Rode, director of child life at Mt. Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital told The Post that “You see a small miracle taking place. The act of witnessing that creates a moment of inspiration.” She thinks that magic is an effective way to show these people that we are thankful for all that they are doing to save people.

Blaine recently gave out his phone number on Instagram and encouraged his fans to talk to him while everyone is stuck at home. He said he will send fans secrets to magic tricks and behind the scenes content. In the video, he promptly did a magic trick to make his phone number appear on a playing card. it’s the little things in life that make people smile.

He Even Had A FaceTime Call With A Famous Friend

He also posted a YouTube video where he spoke with friend and former boxer mike Tyson. The pair practiced social distancing on FaceTime.

Blaine spoke about the harsh realities he has seen for hospital workers during this time. They wear the same mask every day and sometimes even for a whole week. He also mentioned Bill Gates talking about a pandemic years ago. Blaine believes that Gate’s predictions are pretty accurate to today’s times.


Blaine had some wise words during the call and encourages people to have a collaborative thought process. This way, more ideas will come together to solve a problem and the world will flourish. This is a horrible catastrophe that people have to live and suffer through but we might become better as a human race. One thing that Tyson taught Blaine is to give everything you have based on what you believe in and apply that to this situation. He thinks that maybe we will have a solution to this pandemic if we challenge ourselves to do the impossible.

And of course, Blaine finished off their conversation with a magic trick! Definitely watch it to brighten your day.

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