WATCH Dancers Raise Awareness For Domestic Violence On ‘France’s Got Talent’

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Dakota and Nadia came to France’s Got Talent in 2018 wanting to spread a very important message. The duo performed a dance routine about domestic violence and how it affects you physically and emotionally. Sometimes it is hard for victims to get out of those situations. Check out their audition below.

Dakota And Nadia Performed A Very Emotional Dance On ‘France’s Got Talent’

The routine was extremely emotional and heartbreaking, with the dancers telling a story with their bodies. They mimicked a relationship plagued by domestic violence and incorporated crumping, contemporary and gymnastics moves to get their point across. In the end, they got entangled together which forced a knot between their shirts. They ended up ditching their shirts and are back together at the end. Nadia had makeup on her body and her face to represent some of the scars and bruises that domestic abuse survivors may sadly have.

The judges praised them and thanked them for putting on such an emotional and raw performance on such a huge stage. They made it to the next round where they performed another routine, this time focusing on the psychological and mental effects violence in a relationship can have on a person.


“You love each other so much that it is magic” the judges raved. “It’s marvelous. And on top of that, you are so intelligent, you are capable of showing us in two minutes not only the connection between you but also, of course, a bully and a victim in the relationship you describe.” The judges were in tears and awarded them the Golden Buzzer which sent them to the next round.

In the finale, they once again brought the soul and passion to their performance. Dakota and Nadia ended up finishing second on France’s Got Talent. They left such an important mark on the show and have encouraged so many people in situations like the ones they depicted in their dances to seek help.

Performers on ‘Got Talent’ shows never fail to make us burst into tears much like Dakota and Nadia. Check out the compilation below with five emotional acts from Britain’s Got Talent, a show that we would love to see Dakota and Nadia conquer next.

What Has This Dancing Duo Been Up To Since Competing On The Show?

After their success on France’s Got Talent, Dakota and Nadia went on to compete on ‘AGT.’ They were eliminated in the Judge Cuts rounds after receiving praise during their audition from Simon Cowell. The judges wondered if their dances and stories would translate to a bigger audience in Las Vegas.

The pair launched a crowdfunding campaign to help fund their own show dedicated to raising awareness for domestic violence victims according to their website. Their dreams came to fruition as they announced the birth of their show “JUDAS” and released a trailer on YouTube.


Dakota and Nadia’s France’s Got Talent audition went viral after making everyone feel for the raw and very real emotional story.


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