WATCH Bizarre Burping Act Get Buzzed Off Of The ‘BGT’ Stage


Paul Hunn, otherwise known as The Burper truly had everyone shaking their heads when he auditioned for ‘BGT’ in 2010. The 40-year-old hoped that his burping act would impress everyone, including the Queen at the Royal Variety Show. Check out this odd audition gone wrong in the video below.

Paul Hunn Brought Odd Burping Act To The ‘BGT’ Stage

“Everyone loves a burp, don’t they?” Paul said when Simon questioned the nature of his act. “It’s only natural” he insisted. Simon wanted to know if Paul really believed this would be an act that the royal family would like. “I think everyone would love it,” Paul said confidently. Some people in the audience may have recognized Paul from his 2008 appearance on The New Paul O’Grady Show. He had set the world record for the loudest burp at 107.1 decibels.

Hosts Ant & Dec hilariously popped open a can of soda backstage and drank it as they watched Paul’s bizarre act. Paul stood holding the microphone and finally let out one gross loud burp. The judges looked disgusted and Simon immediately hit his red buzzer. Paul then let out a second burp which had Piers Morgan shaking his head. He hid his red buzzer and covered his face with his hands, too disgusted to keep watching.


During burp number three, Amanda Holden hit her red buzzer. Simon closed his eyes and looked like he wanted to throw up. Getting three red buzzers shut down Paul’s act. Backstage Ant & Dec let out a few burps that rivaled Paul’s act which made everyone laugh. It was then time for the judges to vote. “It’s a repulsed no from me,” Piers said. Amanda and Simon both also voted “no” and Paul was sent home.

If you thought Paul’s act was totally weird, check out the What’s Hot Video below. Host Rachel talks about 10 acts that auditioned on talent competition shows but they were lacking one thing…talent! This video definitely will make you cringe with second-hand embarrassment.

He Recently Celebrated His World Burping Record

After appearing on ‘BGT,’ Paul has actually continued to perform his burping act. He recently celebrated the fact that it has been 20 years since he achieved the Guinness World Record for the loudest burp at 118.1 decibels. For comparison, his burp was said to be as loud as a chainsaw. He posted a picture of his certificate on Instagram and announced a new Facebook group that he created for his burping content.

Now Paul calls himself “The Burper King” and has kept up this persona on all social media platforms. He even had t-shirts made with his face on them and a logo which is a play on the Burger King logo. Most recently he joined TikTok to make burping videos.

Paul Hunn Attempted To Break His World Record Again

In 2017, Paul attempted to break his own loudest burp record. Though he fell short he wrote on Twitter that he gave it his best shot.

Over on his website, Paul hilariously wrote “I would like to thank and apologize to my lovely wife Leyla and  beautiful daughter Leah for putting up with my disgusting habit.”


Do you guys think this act is amazing or is it gross just like the ‘BGT’ judges thought?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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