WATCH: Americans Get Emotional to India’s V. Unbeatables Dance Group on ‘AGT’

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Everyone has their favorites on America’s Got Talent: Champions, but one group has fans particularly excited: India’s beloved dance group, V.Unbeatable. In fact, they were so popular that both fans and AGT judges alike were shocked when they only got 4th place on AGT season 14.

Fans took to social media to express their anger and disappointment that this group only got 4th. On the show, Julianne Hough even said it was “shocking” when V. Unbeatable was eliminated.

Not only is this group incredibly talented, but they get some of the best reactions in AGT history from viewers, judges, and YouTubers. Here are some of those incredible reactions.

1. The “Our Stupid Reactions” guys bopping along to V.Unbeatable’s tunes

Rick Segall and Korbin Miles are known for documenting their reactions to TV shows, movie trailers, and more! But when Rick and Korbin watch V. Unbeatable’s performance on the AGT finals they go crazy for the troupe’s incredible tricks, (which these guys describe as a mix between parkore and dancing).


The video is filled with Rick and Korbin dancing along to V.Unbeatable’s music and big reactions to the best stunts. The video is super fun to watch, and if you want more after watching this, check out their reactions to their performance when they get the Golden Buzzer!

2. All the Emotions from Jaby Koay on his Youtube channel

We see a full range of feelings from Jaby Koay and Achara Kirk when they see V.Unbeatable’s first performance on the “jaby koay” YouTube channel.

It starts with these two reacting to V.Unbeatable’s touching story of poverty and hope in the intro before their performance (Achara gets super emotional). Then, the two of them spend the rest of the video switching between faces of disbelief, confusion, shock, and relief as V.Unbeatable does their thing. Jaby and Achara laugh, scream, and react…basically like the rest of us do when watching V.Unbeatable.

“Wow! That was incredible!” Achara says at the end. Incredible, indeed.

3. The “React to the World” Duo watch a compilation of V.Unbeatable’s best moves

Lulu and John from React to the World explain that they have to wait another week to see V.Unbeatable on AGT. So, they’re watching a compilation of the group’s best moments.

The best part is Clueless Lulu’s worried looks whenever a V.Unbeatable is in the air. It’s hilarious. And totally relatable.

4. A completely stunned reaction from SecretLifeofLaren

We love watching fans react to V.Unbeatable’s best tricks, but we also love seeing the touching reactions to the group’s story. Youtuber Lauren gets misty-eyed when she watches their story of living in slums.


But it’s even more satisfying to watch Lauren get SO into the performance that she sits with eyes wide and her mouth hanging open for most of it.

Same, girl, same.

5. Howie’s sweet reaction takes the cake

While so many Youtubers post amazing reactions to this group, nothing can beat Howie’s “proud dad” response to the troupe on the night he pushes the Golden Buzzer at AGT: Champions. His admiration is so touching, it rivals even the craziest reactions from fans.

Hopefully, V.Unbeatable will finally get the recognition they deserve on “AGT: Champions” but only time will tell.


Jillian Pretzel
Jillian Pretzel

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