Was The Last ‘Bring The Funny’ Semifinal The Best Episode Yet?

Bring The Funny semifinals showcase (1)Jack Tomas | Talent Recap

It was the last episode of the semifinal Showcase Round on Bring The Funny and we will see who will be in the final. Are these the funniest people in America? Well, certainly some of the funniest. So, let’s see how it went.

Morgan Jay

Morgan is a talented dude. He has a very interesting style. Unlike a lot of the musical acts that just sing a funny song, he tells his jokes in a musical style. The act really came alive when he came and sat next to Chrissy and discussed splitting the check on a date. He and Lewberger are definitely the best of the musical acts.

Tacarra Williams

I have loved Tacarra from the start. She does material that people can really relate to. She has a lot of energy and passion. You really feel her struggles. In this case it was about dating after divorce. The bit about the old man who asked her out at the gas station was fantastic.


ValleyFolk has been a favorite of mine this whole time. Their premises are fantastic. In this one they are teens at a superhero academy and the weird girl can kill birds with her mind. When all the feathers fell on the crowd…genius use of props. It brings the audience in on the joke. It was wonderfully weird and I’m here for it.


Talk about energy. Frangela really brings it and their commitment to their characters is incredible. This premise wasn’t as strong as the movie theater or the house coat bit. Still, their chemistry is really something, as Kenan said. Still, they are so strong it would be nice to see them go through.

Michael Longfellow

Michael is a comic that makes it looks so easy. Like he just wandered in off the street, climbed on stage, and told us about his life. His bit about working at the waterpark and trying to get a dead body down from the top of a water slide was funny but it felt off. Like he wasn’t as confident as he normally was. Maybe it was nerves?


We love these guys and not just because they came on our show. They are the best singers of the musical acts and I also think as far as the funny songwriters go they are the best. Their song about lying about going out and staying at home was spectacular. And the staging and way they used the furniture was inspired.

Who Went Through

The first act that the judges picked was Lewberger, which is absolutely not a surprise and is well-deserved. The second act the judges sent through tonight was Tacarra which is also not a shock. BUT if your favorite act from this week didn’t get through, you can vote to put any of the other acts through by going here.

Next week we’ll be back with the finale of Bring the Funny!


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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