How To Be An ‘AGT: Champions’ Superfan Voter for Season 2?

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America’s Got Talent Season 14 may be almost over, but America’s Got Talent: The Champions Season 2 is on the horizon! And the show is already looking for “superfans” to fill the voting panel for the new season.

What Is a Superfan on AGT: The Champions?

On each episode of America’s Got Talent: The Champions, one of the advancing acts is decided by whichever judge happens to have the power of the Golden Buzzer that week, while the other is decided by a select group of audience members who vote at the taping after all of the acts have performed. These voters are called “superfans” and are selected as representation of whichever U.S. state they most identify with.

This was AGT: The Champions last year. Do you remember who won? Watch to catch up!

How Do I Become One A Superfan for AGT: The Champions?

Throughout the live shows, the team at the Dolby Theater has been signing audience members up to come back and vote on Champions, but on last night’s results show it was announced that, similar to last year, an online application would be available as well.

The site for this sign-up is currently live, but oddly enough the form is not yet there. Luckily, that can be found right here!

You must fill out your name, age, birthday, state most identified with, state of current residence, dates of availability (all taping dates are in early-mid October), and why you want to be part of the superfan panel.

Are you planning to apply to be an AGT Champions superfan? Tell us below!

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How To Participate And Become An AGT Superfan

This is the information AGT has gotten out, “AGT Champions is returning for a second season and we’re giving you the opportunity to sign up as an AGT Superfan and take part in voting. 

The diverse panel of AGT superfans will help determine who moves on and ultimately wins in the competition.  The voting is not open to the public, just to this select panel of fans.

The tapings will take part in October at the Pasadena Civic Center between approximately 4pm and 10pm (subject to change at Producer discretion). You must be in the Los Angeles area at that time, and be available for the full taping day. Parking will be provided. You must be at least 18 years of age in order to participate.

Please note:  Applying to participate does not guarantee your participation in this live vote.  All participants will be selected in Producer’s discretion.

Find more details here!


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