The Four

Wait…Is That Vincint Cannady From ‘The Four’ In An ‘American Idol’ Ad?

Yes, yes it is. It’s quick so if you aren’t looking closely, you could miss it. It seems that The Four finalist Vincint is covering all his bases when it comes to talent competition shows as it seems that he’s on both The Four and American Idol. I guess it maximizes his chances of winning.

Vincint Cannady is hard to forget. He came on last week’s episode of The Four and killed. Vincint sang Magic by Coldplay, easily earning him a challenge. He took on and beat Jason Warrior with Sittin’ in my Room by Brandy. This caused Jason to have a horrible meltdown that led to security getting between him and Meghan. We’ll find out this week if he wins or not against the likes of Zhavia and Candice Boyd. Either way, it’s not the last we’ve seen of him as he is also apparently on American Idol.

What’s next? Will he try out for The Voice? Maybe fly to England for The X Factor UK? Or perhaps he will learn ventriloquism and got on AGT? The guy definitely has a lot of talent and we look forward to seeing him do his thing on both shows.