VOTE: Which Acts Should Come Back As ‘AGT’ Wildcards?

VOTE Which Acts Should Come Back As AGT WildcardsMriganka Chawla | Talent Recap

This has been a confusing and drawn-out season of America’s Got Talent but with everything going on, we are still looking forward to the finals and who will win the show and get 1 million dollars.

But there is always the AGT wildcard spot up for grabs in the quarter finals and this year we’ve heard, there is not one but two spots available.

Which first of all, Yay! but second of all makes sense because the Judge Cuts this season were a hot mess. A lot of our favorite’s fate was either not disclosed, hello Shevon and Shakir and Ryan, or they went out and left our hearts aching, hello Ashley.

The audience was disappointed and that is an understatement. So the wildcard rounds are more special than ever but before we talk about who we want to see in the show, we want to hear what you have to say.

So take the poll down below and also find out who everyone else wants to see come back to the show.

Who Will Be ‘AGT’ Wild Card This Year?

While we don’t know who will definitely come back, we do know Shevon won’t. She made it into the Judge Cuts round with flying colors and even announced that she and Jamie are expecting their first child together. The corona-virus pandemic has definitely caused some major changes to be made to the show.

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Travel is obviously not encouraged during this time, especially for someone like Shevon who is now nine months pregnant. The Live Shows did require acts to travel to perform in front of a virtual audience. She opted out of the season to protect the health and safety of her and her baby who is due any day now. You can check out an exclusive interview we did with her, where she disclosed why she left and what her plan for the future is.

Show Support To Your ‘AGT’ Wild Card

Use the contestants @ twitter handle in the empty area and show us who you want to see come back and fight for the ultimate prize.

I voted for ——– to come back as the @agt "wildcard act!" Who would you want to see come back? Click To Tweet


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