‘The Voice’ Season 15 Blind Auditions End, Battles Start Recap

Kyle Montplaisir
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We are almost finished with the Blind Auditions for season 15 of The Voice! But as we’ve seen in the past (with contestants like Chris Blue), some of the best talent gets saved for last. Each coach has one spot left to fill on their team. Then, in the second half of tonight’s episode, the Battles will kick off! I’m excited to see the last four artists joining this season but even more excited for them to go head-to-head.

Before we get too far into it, let’s see the last few contestants auditioning for a spot in season 15!


Emily Hough

First up was 16 year old Emily Hough! She is from a small town in Illinois with a lot of Blake Shelton fans. Emily covered “Big Yellow Taxi” by Joni Mitchell. Her smooth tone and pitch-perfect Blind Audition turned Adam, Blake, and JHud’s chairs. Adam even ran up and gave her a hug after her performance! Blake said she had an “angelic” voice and asked what her musical inspirations are. She said she likes folk music! Adam said it’s “unbelievable” what she can do and told Emily she would complete his team. JHud also said she has one spot left and isn’t “bossy” so she’s the right choice because she’ll let Emily do what she wants. In the end, Emily joined…Team Adam!


Josh Davis

Next up was Josh Davis, a personal trainer from Cleveland, Tennessee. No, not that Josh Davis that made it to the Finale in season 8. And no, not Cleveland, Ohio. This Josh has more heartthrob potential for sure. And he was even in a boy band! Josh auditioned with Sam Smith’s “Too Good at Goodbyes,” showing off an impressive falsetto and range. By the end of the song, Josh had turned both Kelly and JHud’s chairs. And when Kelly and JHud were too nice, Adam and Blake decided to fight for them. This, as expected, was hilarious! After the dust settled, Josh decided to go with Team Kelly.

Lisa Ramey

Lisa Ramey is a cabaret show singer in NYC. Her introduction package was about how she moved to New York City and became homeless as she struggled to become a singer. Lisa sang “Beautiful Trauma” by Pink for her Blind Audition. Her performance very much sounded like a cabaret singer to me. She was talented but nothing outstanding and missed some of the bigger notes. Unfortunately, because of that, she failed to turn any chairs. All the coaches offered some constructive criticism, but said she “did nothing wrong.” Hmm, not sure how this works but who am I to say?


Katrina Cain

Katrina Cain was up next. She just got married two days before coming to the Blind Auditions. Katrina says this is their “honeymoon.” Now THAT’s dedication. Katrina sang Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon,” accompanying herself on piano. The entire performance was solid but once she hit her high note and had a “moment” in the song, both JHud and Blake turned. But Adam and Kelly said they both would’ve turned for her if they had spots on their team. Katrina ended up joining Team Blake! Then he flossed to celebrate filling the last spot on his team. In unrelated news, flossing is now dead.


Matt Johnson

Hoping to earn the last spot on season 15, we had Matt Johnson take the stage. Matt is from Stauton, Virginia, where he plays at local wineries. He grew up doing music theater and moved to Houston after high school to do it professionally. But when his mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, Matt put his musical aspirations on pause to move back home and be with her. Now, with his mom by his side, he is back to pursue his dream! And for the 15th time auditioning, might I add.

Matt covered “Never Too Much”” by Luther Vandross. Before he even started, to his advantage, Matt is perfect Team JHud material. He is soulful and has a crazy range. After a long sustained note, Jennifer had to turn! With that, Matt earned the final spot on Team Jennifer…and the final spot in season 15! Plus there was a cute moment with Matt and his mom to close out the Blind Auditions.


Cody Ray Raymond vs. SandyRedd

And with the teams full, we move on to the Battles! SandyRedd was a “monster” in her Blind Audition who turned four chairs. On the other hand, Cody Ray has a rasp and funk that is unmistakeable. Kelly chose “Cry to Me” by Solomon Burke for SandyRedd and Cody Ray. This song is a perfect fit for them! Kelly and advisor/country superstar Thomas Rhett tell SandyRedd to tone it down and play up dynamics so she’s not pedal to the metal the whole song. Conversely, they told Cody Ray to sing out, show off, and make a moment!

Their performance honestly brought everything to another level. The energy in the room was INSANE! Cody Ray and SandyRedd both played off each other well. Plus the vocals were, of course, unreal. The coaches all had nothing bad to say about these two! So when it came time for Kelly to make the tough decision of who should win, she went with…Cody Ray Raymond! Honestly a shocker! But not surprisingly, all three coaches tried to steal SandyRedd. With her choice of coaches, SandyRedd ended up joining Team JHud!


Michael Lee vs. Joey Green

Before this Battle, the show introduced Blake’s battle advisor Keith Urban. This isn’t Keith’s first experience on talent shows either! He is on The Voice in Australia and also judged American Idol for a few seasons. We then go to the contestants. Michael and Joey reveal that they’ve been friends for almost a decade, but are excited to battle each other! They both have similar country vibes so it makes sense to put them head-to-head. Blake chose “A Thing Called Love” by Jerry Reed for the two. In their rehearsal, Michael and Joey rocked out on their guitars and showed off their strong vocals. This should be quite the battle!

As expected, their performance was another fun one. Both Michael and Joey brought it and left it all on the stage! They even got a standing ovation from Blake. JHud complimented Michael’s presence and how his voice filled the room. She said she’d go with Michael. Kelly also agreed that both artists were great and this decision would be a tough one to make. Adam complimented Joey’s range, but reiterated that he fought for Michael in the Blind Auditions. Going along with what the other coaches said, Blake chose Michael.


Colton Smith vs. Patrique Fortson

For the final battle of the night, we have Colton Smith and Patrique Fortson from JHud’s team. If we’re being honest here, I could not wait for this match-up. I loved both of them in their auditions (even though Colton was montaged). And Jennifer’s advisor Halsey seemed to be excited to work with them too! From the first clip of their rehearsal, you can tell this battle will be one to remember. JHud chose “God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton for these two, which Colton and Patrique both say is out of their element. But wow, it gives them a chance to shine! They took the country elements out to make it more “soulful.”

Literally all of that and then some translated to their performance! This was one of the best battles of two men I’ve seen in the history of the show, up there with Christian and Jason’s “Hello” in season 11 and Anthony and Jesse’s “If I Ain’t Got You” in season 2. They even got a shoe thrown by JHud. The ultimate compliment! All the coaches praised both artists but said Adam said Patrique deserved the win. At the end of the feedback, JHud went with Patrique for the win! Then Blake stole Colton, keeping him on The Voice. I’m honestly surprised more coaches didn’t try to steal Colton after that performance!


So that’s it for the end of the Blinds and first round of Battles! Here’s where the teams stand now.

Team Adam: Tyke James, RADHA, DeAndre Nico, Steve Memmolo, Anthony Arya, Reagan Strange, Fousheé, Natalie Brady, Jarred Matthew, Jake Wells, Funsho, Emily Hough

Team Kelly: Sarah Grace, Mikele Buck, Claire DeJean, Chevel Shepherd, Delaney Silvernell, Kimberli Joye, OneUp, Erika Zade, Cody Ray Raymond, Abby Cates, Josh Davis

Team JHud: Tyshawn Colquitt, Patrique Fortson, Kennedy Holmes, Franc West, Audri Bartholomew, Natasia Greycloud, MaKenzie Thomas, Mike Parker, Zaxai, Lela, Matt Johnson, SandyRedd

Team Blake: Mercedes Ferreira-Dias, Kameron Marlowe, Keith Paluso, Michael Lee, Dave Fenley, Rachel Messer, Chris Kroeze, Kayley Hill, Kirk Jay, Caeland Garner, Katrina Cain, Colton Smith

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