‘The Voice’ Live Top 8 Semifinals Performances Recap

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It’s the Semifinals on The Voice! With only one week left until the Finale, tonight’s performances are more important than ever for the Top 8. Not only will we hear songs from the semifinalists, but they’ll also each do a duet with another artist on the show. 

Here’s what happened in the live Top 8 Semifinals performances!


Sarah Grace

Up first was Team Kelly’s Sarah Grace! After her performance of “Amazing Grace” last week, Sarah was one of the top performers on iTunes. So expectations were high going into this week.In the rehearsal for this Semifinals performance, Kelly surprised Sarah with last year’s winner, and fellow Team Kelly member, Brynn Cartelli! Sarah kicked us off with “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles. It was an interesting song choice and I don’t know if it did her any favors vocally. Sarah is clearly a talented singer, but this didn’t show that off like last week did. I wanted to see more of that bluesy funk we saw before! She could be in trouble heading into tomorrow night.


Kennedy Holmes & Reagan Strange

For some reason The Voice decided to bring back the Semifinals mash-up duets that no one liked last season. Yay! So the first of these is Kennedy and Reagan singing a mash-up of “Happy” and “Tightrope.” Two artists I like singing two songs I like? And somehow I didn’t enjoy it at all? I’ll blame this one on the format more than their singing. Kennedy and Reagan are better than this performance. They seemed to be having fun with it though! And they’re clearly actually friends.


MaKenzie Thomas

After JHud literally took her to church, MaKenzie was ready to sing her Semifinals song, “Vision of Love” by Mariah Carey. Yes, the same Mariah she made cry earlier this season! She covered her in the Battles but this is MaKenzie’s first time tackling Mariah solo. And she tackled this song to the ground! She honestly sang the hell out of it, adding in some crazy runs and taking her time to build up into big moments. She showed off but also showed a lot of restraint and control. MaKenzie proved she can sing with the best of them here! Kelly and Blake both laid on the praise before JHud begged for viewers to vote for her.


Chevel Shepherd & Kirk Jay

Che-Kirk had the next duet of the night, a mash-up of “She’s Country” and “Country Must Be Country Wide.” I was excited to hear these two stellar country singers perform together! Chevel and Kirk both had opportunities to shine in this Semifinals duet. The songs were fun and actually blended really well together. This was a rare case of the duet actually helping two artists stand out even more! Not like we were worried about Chevel and Kirk anyway.


Kymberli Joye

Team Kelly was next with gospel powerhouse Kymberli Joye. And she’s covering a Tori Kelly song, “Never Enough!” This had everything it needed to be epic. And with some pretty sweet backup dancers/gospel choir singers behind her, it was just that. Kymberli absolutely commanded the stage. This lived up to all expectations! I love that her opening package talked about owning her gospel roots and style too. She hasn’t drifted from that in the Live Shows and it honestly brought her a second life after having to be saved by Kelly in the Playoffs. She is so fun to watch and listen to! And as Kelly said, you can tell “it comes from the heart.”


Chris Kroeze

Chris walked into rehearsal to his coach, Blake, singing “Can’t You See” by The Marshall Tucker Band. Well, let’s hope he can do it better than Blake did! Chris brought his usual grit and energy to the song. I thought this was a solid performance, but in a week with so much on the line, it wasn’t anything outstanding. It’s the Semifinals after all! Take some risks! Chris is consistent every week, but doesn’t strike me as someone who deserves to be a finalist. But crazier things have happened! And if he ends up in the middle three tomorrow night, he could definitely win the Instant Save.


Kymberli Joye & MaKenzie Thomas

MaKenzie said she was “happy they got paired together” and I could not agree more. These two together are perfect! For their Semifinals duet, they sang a mash-up of “Best of My Love” and “Got to Be Real.” Kymberli and MaKenzie could sing anything and I’m pretty sure I’d be into it. But these two killed it and showed off impressive range and runs! It was great to see them do more upbeat, fun songs because they both usually do slower ballads. Their harmonies came together super well too, since they’re both pitch perfect singers.


Kennedy Holmes

Kennedy Holmes is singing a big song for her first performance as a 14-year-old! JHud chose “This Is Me” from “The Greatest Showman” for the youngest singer left in the competition. And from Kennedy’s rehearsal, this is clearly emotional for her. But her musical theater background probably helped the song choice too! When it came to the performance, Kennedy crushed it. No matter how high your expectations are, Kennedy always exceeds them. This was my favorite performance of hers so far. And that’s saying a lot! Kennedy has 100% set the standard this season. But what was with everyone wearing white shirts after it? That was weird. No shade on Kennedy though, she was perfect. And she’ll be in the Finale, no doubt.


Reagan Strange

The Voice showed a nice little package with Reagan and Adam helping familIes who lost their homes in the California wildfires. But I’ll be honest, the whole time I was lowkey upset they weren’t going to comment on the Team Adam drama last week. It had to be addressed, right? Then Adam said, “DeAndre is my boy, we talked…let’s move on” yadda yadda. And that was all that was mentioned about it. Not ideal but I’m sure it was a struggle getting Adam to say anything at all since he was he root of the issue. Twitter did not seem happy with this either.

But that’s beside the point! Moving on to Reagan’s Semifinals performance, she sang “You Are The Reason” by Calum Scott. The song choice was great for her, allowing her to do a slower, emotional ballad in a week where most artists are doing bigger songs. This could work in her favor, making her stand out more, or it could hurt her. And you have to wonder if the Team Adam drama last week will have an impact for voters at home. We’ll see how it plays out last night.


Chris Kroeze & Sarah Grace

Chris and Sarah are the ragtag duet from this group of semifinalists. They performed a mash-up of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and “Chain of Fools,” with Chris playing guitar and Sarah sitting at the piano. This was an interesting song choice for these two and an interesting pairing altogether. I don’t think it will help or hurt either of their chances though, because it was honestly one of the more forgettable performances of the night. Sarah definitely had some nice moments in it though!


Chevel Shepherd

To start, Chevel talked about how Loretta Lynn followed her on Twitter and posted her performance on Facebook after last week. It was super cute! She was even in tears when she realized. For the Semifinals, Chevel sang “Blue” by LeAnn Rimes. Time for her to put her yodeling skills to the test again! Chevel did really well with this song and it was actually a great fit for her voice. We’ve seen a lot of different sides of her, both fun and lively performances and more subdued, ballad songs. She somehow masters both of them though and I can’t decide which ones I like better. But this was one of my favorites all season for sure! I think this performance all but secured her spot in the Finale next week.


Kirk Jay

Team Blake’s Kirk Jay closed out the night for the Top 8 Semifinals. He has been a fan favorite since his four-chair turning Blind Audition. This week, he’s singing John Michael Montgomery’s version of “I Swear.” The song choice was a little cheesy for me but he did pretty well with it. Definitely not my favorite performance by Kirk, though he almost for sure did enough to guarantee his spot in the Finale. He was flat in some spots, which is uncharacteristic of him. Let’s hope he can rebound next week!

Semifinals Results Predictions

Here’s how I see tomorrow night playing out, with the Instant Save being up for grabs depending on how they perform tomorrow:

Public Vote: Kennedy Holmes, Kirk Jay, Chevel Shepherd

Middle Three: MaKenzie Thomas, Kymberli Joye, Chris Kroeze

Bottom Two: Sarah Grace, Reagan Strange

Do you agree with our predictions? Let us know! And tune in to The Voice tomorrow night for the results and to see who will be in next week’s Finale.

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