‘The Voice’ Season 15: The Knockouts, Part 3 Recap

Kyle Montplaisir
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It’s the last night of The Voice Season 15 Knockouts! Adam, Kelly, JHud, and Blake will finalize their teams for the Live Shows. There are only six Knockouts pairings left, so it’s getting down to the wire. Plus advisor Mariah Carey is back for another week!

But who will make it to the next round? Let’s watch and find out!

Chevel Shepherd vs. Sarah Grace

The first Knockouts pairing of the night was Kelly’s young female singers, Chevel Shepherd and Sarah Grace.


Chevel had a personal connection to her Knockouts song, “Travelin’ Soldier” by The Dixie Chicks. She and her mom would harmonize and sing it for her brother, who is in the Army. Her performance was subtle but nuanced. In the rehearsal, Knockouts advisor Mariah Carey and Chevel’s coach Kelly Clarkson urged Chevel to make a moment in the song. She cut out the accompaniment through parts of the second verse, which made an interesting rendition. I didn’t think this advice was necessarily the best because it showed some weakness in Chevel’s voice, and her struggle for air that Blake mentioned, but I get what they were going for. The song was nice though and overall, she sang it really well!


Then came Sarah Grace. She brought her usual swag to a song she said made her “fall in love with blues,” Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind.” Sarah’s stank face was back, taking her Knockouts performance to the next level. She is so expressive, especially for such a young singer! The coaches were split on who to choose, but Blake and JHud said they’d choose Sarah. Adam went against the two, saying he would choose Chevel.

The Result: Kelly ended up choosing Chevel Shepherd…but she also saved Sarah Grace! Both will stay on Team Kelly for the Live Shows.

DeAndre Nico vs. Jake Wells

Adam’s first pairing of the night was DeAndre Nico and Jake Wells. DeAndre was a four-chair turn in the Blind Auditions so I’d say he’s the favorite here. But I personally love Jake so I’m hoping for an underdog upset!


DeAndre chose “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes for his Knockouts song. He is from Texas and says he loves country music. For this performance, he wanted to show off what he can do and put a soulful twist on the song. Mariah and Adam encourage DeAndre to push the key up a half-note in the rehearsals and that seemed to make a big difference. This was my favorite performance by DeAndre to date on the show. He brought it and the coaches took notice, giving him a standing ovation!


Jake Wells knows he’s up against Goliath, but stays hopeful he can pull out a win. He sang Coldplay’s “Yellow” for this Knockouts round. Jake sits at the piano and stands for the end of the song in his rehearsal but Mariah and Adam encourage him to stay at the piano for the whole song and do less. He doesn’t seem to take their “do less” advice though. In the performance, his voice is all over the place. He definitely tries to add a lot onto it, which takes away from the simplicity of the original.

The Result: In the end, Adam went with DeAndre.

Anthony Arya vs. Kennedy Holmes


For his Knockouts song, Anthony Arya went with “Operator (That’s Not the Way It Feels)” by Jim Croce. Maybe the best moment of this rehearsal was JHud and Mariah having no idea what this song is. Anthony is definitely not in their lane! He does well with this song, even though it’s a sleeper. He’s just kinda there singing the song and playing along on guitar. It didn’t feel like a fight for his life. And maybe it’s cause he knew who he was up against!


Kennedy starts by fangirling over Knockouts advisor Mariah Carey, which…same. Jennifer is right there with her too! Kennedy talks about her musical theater background and wanting to get away from that on the show. She chose to sing “What About Us” by Pink for her Knockouts performance. Jackie Foster last season and Brooke Simpson in season 13 both had breakout performances with this song so expectations are high. That being said, I think Kennedy exceeded all of them! She has been a frontrunner since the beginning and this only solidified that. Kennedy has such a mature, seasoned voice. And, not to be that guy, but remember she’s only 13!

The Result: After a convincing pause as if she was actually considering who to choose, of course, JHud had to move on with Kennedy!

Colton Smith vs. Kirk Jay


First up for Team Blake tonight was Colton, who Blake stole from Jennifer. Colton is singing “Lady Marmalade” originally by Labelle. He brings energy to the song and swings for the fences! But near the end of the song, he stops being able to hear himself in his earpieces. He carries along well, but it clearly affects his performance. The coaches all praise him for how he handled it and say it’s happened to them before too!


Next, we have four-chair turner Kirk Jay! Similar to Jake’s rehearsal earlier, Mariah and Blake encourage Kirk to stay at the piano for the entire song. He sang “In Case You Didn’t Know” by Brett Young, accompanied by himself. Kirk shows off a new side of himself sitting at the piano. And his performance was honestly impressive! I would say probably his best yet, which is saying a lot for someone who turned all four chairs in his Blind Audition. Adam and Kelly both mention Kirk could take it to the end!

The Result: Because of this, Blake had to go with Kirk. But luckily, JHud used her only Knockouts steal to get Colton back on her team!

Delaney Silvernell vs. Steve Memmolo


Delaney started on Team Kelly but Adam stole her in the Battle Rounds. Now, for the Knockouts, she’s singing “Praying” by Kesha. This song is a perfect fir for her voice! She nails the high notes in her rehearsal, but Mariah works with her on strengthening the lower notes in the verses. Then, when it came to the actual performance, she had pitch issues. Such a bummer for the powerhouse vocalist who had a lot of potential! Delaney made the song her own and still did pretty well though. She just could have done better in my opinion.


Honestly, I don’t really remember Steve as being a standout in the Blind Auditions or Battles but I like this song for him. He chose to sing “Unaware” by Allen Stone for his Knockouts performance. Adam and Mariah encourage him to use his falsetto to his advantage! This song is really all about that so he has to go for it. And when the time came, he did just that! His performance was strong! I think under the coaching of Adam, he could do well in this competition. Both Blake and JHud said Steve deserved to win, while also praising Delaney, who Kelly said she’d pick.

The Result: Adam decided the winner of this Knockout was…Steve Memmolo!


Chris Kroeze vs. Michael Lee

For the last Knockouts performance, Blake paired together “gravely” rock singers Chris Kroeze and Michael Lee. Chris sang “Burning House” by Cam for this round. It was an interesting choice for the rough and rugged singer, but he made it his own. He changed up the melody and delivered the emotion, as Mariah said! He hits some crazy notes and gives room for them to play out. Chris is another one who I don’t really remember from earlier rounds but this was a standout performance!

Finally, Michael Lee chose The Allman Brothers Band’s “Whipping Post” for his Knockouts performance. What a dynamic song! He rocks the guitar playing and epic screams in his rehearsal. Mariah and Blake praised how he moved on even when he had issues with the mic stand. When it came to his performance, the fire was back. And that scream at the end! All four coaches complimented it and both singers’ performances.

The Result: By a coin flip, Blake chose Michael Lee as the winner of this Knockout. Then (unsurprisingly) used his Save on Chris Kroeze! So both Michael and Chris remain on Team Blake for the Live Shows next week.

Current Teams

Team Adam: Tyke James, RADHA, Reagan Strange, DeAndre Nico, Steve Memmolo, Kameron Marlowe

Team Kelly: Kymberli Joye, Zaxai, Sarah Grace, Chevel Shepherd, Abby Cates, Keith Paluso

Team JHud: Patrique Fortson, MaKenzie Thomas, SandyRedd, Kennedy Holmes, Franc West, Colton Smith

Team Blake: Funsho, Michael Lee, Dave Fenley, Chris Kroeze, Kirk Jay, Natasia GreyCloud

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