‘The Voice’ Is Getting New Chairs With An Interesting Feature



When you think about The Voice, what comes to mind? For most people it’s the spinning red chairs that are used during the famous blind auditions round. They are as much a fixture on the show as Blake Shelton‘s perma-stubble. The chairs have gotten a high-class makeover and three new buttons to mess with the other coaches.

The Voice has fancy new chairs that will be aluminum and have metallic automobile finishes and hundreds of LED lights. I guess they are going to light up like Christmas when they turn around. They also have cup holders, which was a request by Blake. The really interesting part is that instead of one button that the judge uses to turn their chair around, they will have a total of four buttons. The other three will be used to try and block the other judges from getting singers on their team. After all, it doesn’t matter who turns around first but rather who the artist wants to work with. Carson Daly says,

“Each coach has only one block, and only one block is allowed per audition”

This throws a whole new element into the mix that will be interesting. For the most part the rivalry between the coaches is friendly. It might be less so if the guy next to you is trying to sabotage you getting an artist on your team. I can see Blake and Adam having a lot of fun with each other with this.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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