What Are Last Year’s ‘The Voice’ Finalists Up To?


Season 15 of The Voice is just around the corner, but what have the finalists of last season been up to?


Brynn Cartelli

Okay, we’re really hoping Cartelli doesn’t have the winners curse. After taking the throne as the Season 14 winner of The Voice its been crickets from Cartelli. How do you go from releasing a banger like Walk My Way, to almost nothing? I’m sure the #brynnions are wondering what’s up just as much as we are. Cartelli did perform at Cisco Brewery on August 8, alongside fellow Voice contestant Drew Cole. This Nantucket venue is the very place where Cartelli got her start, after someone posted a video that went viral of the tween singing her heart out. More than likely,  Cartelli is hard at work in the studio, and we can’t wait to hear her new sound.

Kyla Jade

Jade has been releasing music like its no bodies business, and we are so here for it! In June, Jade released a tribute to the Queen of Soul (Aretha Franklin), titled Day Dreaming. This Monday, Jade is releasing Make Up Your Mind which is out for pre-order everywhere! We also want to know if Jade’s hair is so big because it’s full of secrets? Secret music tracks maybe? We may not ever know, but are so excited to jam out to Jade’s new single.

Britton Buchanan

Buchanan has hit the road like a true rockstar, performing at venues all around the US. This teen heart throb took to the stage in Norfolk, VA on August 24, to give fans an intimate performance. Buchanan is definitely a force to be reckoned with, after having his song Where You Come From in the top Ten on iTunes 4 weeks in a row. This was a true milestone for Buchanan considering he wrote the song himself…in chemistry class! Being the second runner up of The Voice clearly hasn’t stopped Buchanan’s momentum or amazing dance moves!

Spensha Baker

Baker brought forth such a genuine and humble spirit, AND the pipes of a country legend…what more could an audience want? Post Voice, Baker has been working hard and it is definitely paying off. The soulful country star is set to perform at the Ole Red Tishomingo, a venue inspired by Blake Shelton’s hit, Ole Red. You can purchase  tickets to the September 28th event by clicking the link below.  olered.com/tishomingo/event/spensha-baker-2018-09-28/

We can’t wait to see who the finalists are for the new season! Check out the trailer for Season 15 of The Voice.



Lauren Ashley Beck
Lauren Ashley Beck

Lauren Ashley Beck is a writer and host for Talent Recap. Our resident “Survivor,” Lauren landed in LA by way of Michigan. She is a communications graduate with a passion for storytelling, hosting, and people. When she’s not working, you can catch Lauren watching true crime shows and eating an entire bag of hot Cheetos.

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