[VIDEO] Katy Perry Caught Picking Her Wedgie Live On American Idol

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Last night Katy Perry was caught red handed fixing a wedgie on American Idol, but she’s cool with it.h

The Wedgie Pick

Just when you think celebrities aren’t anything like us, Katy Perry does something incredibly human. During the performance by Laine Hardy, the camera pans over to reveal Katy picking her underwear out of her butt!

Katy tweeted last night about the embarrassing moment, and her dismay over the elimination of a favorite contestant.

“Welp. I got caught picking my wedgie on national television AND we had to send one of my favorite idols ever @JLloydHarmon home,” she tweeted. “Pour me another one, bartender.”

Katy’s response to the incident was golden, and shows why everybody loves her. One thing you can truly say about Katy Perry is that she has the uncanny ability to laugh anything off. I’m sure being caught picking your butt in front of millions of viewers is mortifying, but she takes it like a champ.

Matt Beck | Talent Recap

Katy is no stranger to being caught in embarrassing situations. Last year she had multiple wardrobe malfunctions revealing the fact that she isn’t a fan of wearing undergarments. During the audition stage last year she fell down while dancing causing her dress to crawl up and show her bare hoo-ha! Additionally during a performance by Maddie Pope last year her pants split revealing her bare rear end.

If anybody on talent competition shows would be cool with her nether regions being showed to millions of viewers, it’s Katy Perry and that’s why we love her.

Matt Beck | Talent Recap

The fact that someone in the public eye can laugh it all of is extremely admirable. This goes to show that the American Idol knew what they were doing by casting Katy as a judge. Her personality is perfect for the position, and she’s proved it over and over again since joining the show.


Matt Beck
Matt Beck

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