Two Singers Go Home As ‘American Idol’ Does Queen Songs And Movie Duets

Jill O'Rourke
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American Idol was down to its Top 8 this week, and Sunday night was all about Queen. The show opened with all of the contestants teaming up to sing “We Will Rock You,” and they kept their promise.

The contestants got to speak with mentor Adam Lambert before they sang. (Talent Recap correctly guessed three of the contestants’ song choices!) And it wasn’t just Queen Night. Mixed into those solo performances were duets of famous movie songs. (We correctly predicted all four pairings, and even one of the songs!)

Thanks to live coast-to-coast voting, America determined who should move on to the Top 6. Find out which artists were sent home, and watch all of the night’s amazing performances, below.

Walker Burroughs

Adam Lambert advised Walker to “get used to” moving around more on stage for his performance of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Walker definitely took it to heart, moving from the judges’ table to the stage and then interacting with the band as he sang. Luke Bryan praised him for being himself, calling it “endearing.”

Madison VanDenburg

Adam said that Madison has “an incredible instrument” with her voice. She sang “The Show Must Go On” on a foggy stage, and definitely brought the drama. Luke called it her best performance so far, and Lionel Richie said her voice was “impeccable.” Katy Perry said she wants to see her use her body more during her performances.

Laci Kaye Booth & Laine Hardy

Laci and Laine teamed up to sing the Johnny Cash song “Jackson” from Walk the Line. Bobby Bones even compared them to Johnny and June Carter Cash. They both played guitar on the tune. Lionel said they looked and sounded “comfortable.” Katy wondered whether something was going on between them (even though they’re both seeing people).

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon

Jeremiah said he was feeling nervous, because his parents attended the show for the first time ever. He sang “Who Wants to Live Forever,” with Adam suggesting he sing without the guitar. Jeremiah took the advice, and let his incredible voice do all the talking. Katy said he “embodied the spirit of Freddie Mercury.” Jeremiah’s father, meanwhile, called it “powerful.”

Alejandro Aranda

Alejandro performed his own acoustic arrangement of “Under Pressure.” Adam said his version of the song gave him “chills,” and the judges agreed that it sounded great. Lionel said he’s an “artist” and a “stylist,” and encouraged him not to lose sight of who he is.

Alyssa Raghu & Wade Cota

These two paired up for “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, which was famously featured in Guardians of the Galaxy. Bobby Bones called it the most unexpected pairing of the night, but it ended up working. “Is that you, Marvin?” Lionel joked to Wade afterward.

Madison VanDenburg & Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon

These two “powerhouse vocalists” (Bobby Bones’ words) teamed up to sing “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman. Although we’re generally pretty tired of hearing songs from this movie on talent shows, their performance was predictably strong. Katy said they were “courteous” to each other, because they both could have overpowered the other.

Laine Hardy

Adam encouraged Laine to “have fun” on his performance of “Fat Bottomed Girls.” He seemed to take it to heart. Laine had Katy Perry out of her seat and dancing as he sang. She said afterward that it’s one of her favorite songs. Luke said Laine had “rock star confidence.”

Laci Kaye Booth

Adam said he was “enamored” of Laci’s version of the song “Love of My Life,” and encouraged her to use the honest emotion that came from singing the song. Lionel praised her “smoky voice,” and said she could be a star. Katy said she’s already won, even if she doesn’t get crowned the winner.

Alejandro Aranda & Walker Burroughs

Bobby Bones said these two would have to “learn teamwork” in order to perform the iconic song “Mrs. Robinson,” by Simon & Garfunkel, from The Graduate. They both sat on stools and played guitar as they sang in coordinating outfits. Katy said their voices are “like two peas in a pod.”

Wade Cota

Wade shared that the song “We Are the Champions” means a lot to him. Adam said he felt Wade’s “passion” when he was singing, and advised him not to “wander” the stage too much but give it “authority.” Although he missed a lyric at one point, Luke praised him for saving it. Katy said it’s great that he continues to push himself.

Alyssa Raghu

Adam said he loved Alyssa’s “theatricality.” She said she was ready to be a “diva” for her performance of “Somebody to Love.” Lionel called her “the epitome of determination,” and Katy expressed amazement that she has such a strong voice at just 17 years old.

Who Went Home?

Following America’s vote, Alyssa and Walker were the bottom two contestants. The judges deliberated over whether or not to use their one save of the season, but they ultimately chose not to. That means the official Top 6 are Jeremiah, Laci, Madison, Laine, Alejandro, and Wade.

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