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Twerking Dancers Make The ‘Sweden’s Got Talent’ Judges Blush [VIDEO]

Jill O'Rourke
1 week

In 2017, a dancehall group called Blackout Empire stunned the judges on Sweden’s Got Talent with their twerking routine. One of the judges even told them she was blushing afterward.

The group is from Stockholm, and they had plenty of friends in the audience cheering them on. Check out the ladies’ routine below, and see how the Swedish judges reacted to their bootylicious moves.

Blackout Empire auditions for “Sweden’s Got Talent.”

Dancehall Group Auditions For ‘Sweden’s Got Talent’

Before their audition, Blackout Empire shared a message of “girl power.” Judge LaGaylia Frazier told them before their audition, “I wish you nothing but fierceness and luck in your dance right now.”


Fierceness is exactly what Blackout Empire brought to the stage, adding some acrobatic and gymnastics moves into the mix. At one point they did cartwheels and ended in splits. They ended the dance facing away from the audience and twerking one at a time.

LaGaylia clearly enjoyed the performance, at one point covering her face with a fan. She told the group, “So you can’t tell right now, but I’m blushing, okay? It was like so, like, wow!”

Blackout Empire give another twerking performance on “Sweden’s Got Talent.”

The Dancers Return For Another Performance

The other judges were also impressed, sending Blackout Empire through to the next round. They were thrilled by the news, running out to meet their friends and screaming with joy.


The group returned for another dance on the show, this time with dramatic lighting as they showed off some new moves. This time, they twerked while standing on their heads. They included a message of “self-love” for women, telling ladies not to seek a man’s approval for their appearance.

If you want to see more performances like these, follow Blackout Family on Instagram.

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