Tragic Betrayal! Why ‘Bring The Funny’ Winners ‘The Valleyfolk’ Split Up!

AJ Wilson
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The first season of Bring the Funny ended on September 17th, with fan-favorites The Valleyfolk defeating Tacarra Williams. However, all was not well with the group at the time, apparently, as a member of the group has been ousted!

Lee Newton’s heartbreaking announcement regarding her split from the Valleyfolk.

The Valleyfolk Firing

In a video published on November 1st to their YouTube channel, Elliott Morgan, Steve Zaragoza, and Joe Bereta confirmed that Lee Newton had left the group. However, this video was misleading, as Newton had been voted out of the group by the other three members!

Afterward, Newton explained her side in her own YouTube video. In the video, she explains that she was fired less than a week after the group won Bring the Funny! Also, she said if it was up to her, she’d still be a part of the Valley folk.

So, after both videos had been posted, both parties received negative feedback, but most was directed at the three men. They addressed the video in the latest episode of their podcast, citing their own negative opinion of it.

The group’s fans seem largely split on the issue. On the Reddit post for Newton’s video, for example, opinions seemed to fall on both sides of the issue. User Saffron_Saffron said, “The Valleyfolk just aren’t The Valleyfolk without Lee.” On the other hand, user Wildcard_OD said, “I’m sure this is… 3 people wanting a company to move one direction and 1 wanting it to move in another.”

The Valleyfolk’s finale sketch, which won Bring the Funny.

Newton joining JK Studios?

One group who’d be glad to have Newton is one of their opponents from Bring the Funny, JK Studios! Founding member Natalie Madsen commented on one of Newton’s Instagram posts, urging her to, “Come play with uuussss!” To which Newton responded, “I CANNOT WAIT,”

Former member of the Valleyfolk Lee Newton's Instagram
A screenshot taken from Newton’s Instagram by Reddit user g1en_COCO.

Regardless of where Newton ends up, we at Talent Recap wish her the best! Check out our recap of The Valleyfolk’s semi-final performance here.

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