Top 5 Hip-Hop Performances on Talent Competition Shows

The Voice

One thing that’s been lacking on a lot of the shows we cover is some decent hip hop. The Four was an exception to that rule but God knows if we’ll ever see that show again. But there have been some hip hop artists who showcased their skills. Let’s take look back at some up-and-coming emcees on talent competition shows throughout the years.

1. Flau’jae – AGT Season 13

Flau’jae is a 14-year-old emcee that grew up with music in her veins. As the daughter of slain rapper “Camoflauge”, this young emcee from Georgia gave a heart-wrenching performance with an important message. Flau’jae stunned the room with her raw talent and message to “Put your guns down”. This performance earned her a well deserved golden buzzer and a flourishing career.

2. Patches – AGT Season 13

Matt Johnson aka Patches was a big surprise for the viewers of America’s Got Talent. When this 13 year-old-boy in a church suit hit the stage, no one could have expected that he was there to spit some fire lyrics. He told the judges that his dreams were to be on broadway, so when he broke it down with a original hip-hop track, the judges were thoroughly surprised. When asked what he would do with the million dollar prize he said he would get tickets to se Hamilton on Broadway. You can buy a whole lot of tickets with that kind of cash.

3. CJ Dippa – AGT Season 5

Another young gun at 11 years old, CJ Dippa hit the stage in a backwards hat silver chain around his neck. CJ told Nick Cannon that he’d been rapping since he was 3 years old. He performed a song he’d written himself, that got him through to the next round in the competition. Eventually he was cut in the quarterfinals, but returned for the wild card show.

4. Brian “Astro” Bradley – TheX Factor U.S. Season 1

Don’t be lookin at his mom! This 14 year old Brooklyn Native owned the stage with his original piece Don’t Look At My Mom. The American rapper now known as “Stro” started off his career as the first rapper to appear on The X-factor. He continues to grow in his career as a professional rapper recording albums and touring the U.S.

5. Misha Gontar – American Idol Season 16

Although Misha didn’t receive a golden ticket, he was propelled into the limelight after his appearance on American Idol. The Ukrainian musician performed a song by his favorite Ukrainian band where he played guitar, sang, and rapped. Though he may not have hit American Idol standards, his rap skills were quite impressive. As a result, he earned over 600,000 views online in just a week after his performance. Misha wants to return to American Idol and maybe perform a song that more accurately portrays his talent.


Matt Beck
Matt Beck

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