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The Top 11 Battle It Out On ‘The Voice’

Jack Tomas

Jack Tomas

Trae Patton / NBC

We were down to the top 11 and they all sang their little hearts out last night for a chance to compete in the top 10. Every singer left in the competition is really talented and any one of them would probably get to the finals on any other talent show. This year’s voice has really been stellar. So, who made it through?

Janice Freeman

Janice is fantastic as always. She did the Collective Soul classic from back when I was in high school, Shine. It wasn’t my favorite of Janice’s performances as the song itself doesn’t let her soulfulness shine through…no pun intended.

Red Marlow

Look, I grew up in Texas in the 90’s and Garth Brooks’ The Dance was a staple of my high school slow dances so I really appreciated this performance. Red’s got some serious country chops.

Shi’Ann Jones

Shi’Ann sang a tune from Dreamgirls, (one of the Beyonce numbers not Jen’s). I was not impressed by her performance. She’s great for how old she is but compared to the others, I just don’t feel like she’s ready.

Adam Cunningham

Oh, Adam. He did a serviceable job with Tom Petty’s (RIP) hit American Girl. He lacked a bit of control when he was interacting with the audience. Best to stay in one spot, Adam.

Brooke Simpson

This is our girl. She did an amazing rendition of Pink’s What About Us. This is the perfect song to show off her vocal range and she KILLED it.

Davon Fleming

Davon is great but you better be damn sure you can do Whitney Houston before you take that on, especially if you are a man. He did OK but he just couldn’t reach those high notes. It’s tough, Davon.

Ashland Craft

Man, she was amazing singing the Zac Brown Band’s Chicken Fried. It made me want to listen to it back down South eating barbecue by the pool. That’s a huge compliment BTW.

Addison Agen

Wow. Joni Mitchell would be proud of Addison’s rendition of her song. She’s definitely got one of the best voices on the show.

Keisha Renee

Keisha’s got a fine voice and I respect her efforts to reinvent country music but I just don’t know about her. This Faith Hill cover was a bit…off. I think it’s time for Keisha to go home.

Chloe Kohanski

OK, so a couple of weeks ago we were absolutely sure Brooke was going to win. Now…I’m not so sure. Chloe is incredible and her singing my wife and I’s karaoke go to only solidified that she’s the one to watch.

Noah Mac

Noah is a really strong singer. He’s definitely proven that he has the right stuff to kick ass in this competition.

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