Top 10 Talents On ‘America’s Got Talent’ — Which Is The Most Popular?

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What makes AGT stand out among the crop of talent shows on television is the fact that it features a variety of talents. That got us wondering which talent has been the most popular on the show over the years.

We explored the America’s Got Talent Wiki to determine which categories of talent are the most common among auditionees on the show. Check out the Top 10 below, and keep in mind that some of these categories may contain overlap among contestants.

These Are The Top 10 ‘AGT’ Talents

1. Singers

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, right? Even though Got Talent sets itself apart from singing competitions like The Voice and American Idol, singing acts are still the most common.


We added up the male singers (300), female singers (237), vocal duos (54), and vocal groups (102) who have appeared on the show, for a total of 693. We didn’t include bands in the number, since not all of them have vocalists. However, the ones that do would only add to category’s lead.

Did you know that 9 out of the 15 AGT winners have been singers? That includes ventriloquists Terry Fator and Darci Lynne, who sing as part of their acts. (Interestingly, ventriloquists didn’t break the Top 10, even though three of them have won the show.)

2. Dancers

If there’s one thing viewers love almost as much as singing, it’s dancing. We added up dancers (261), dance duos (94), and dance groups (264), for a total of 619. However, for as common as dancers are on the show, only one of them has been crowned the winner in 15 seasons.

Dancer Kenichi Ebina won Season 8 of the show. Then earlier this year, past fan favorites V. Unbeatable won the second season of AGT: The Champions. Could a dancer or dance group win next year’s show? We’ll have to wait and see.

3. Instrumentalists

Music is obviously hugely popular on AGT, and many contestants play instruments. We added up instrumentalists (268) and bands (106), for a total of 374. Keep in mind that some of these instrumentalists are also singers, but we shouldn’t overlook the fact that they’re multitalented!

So far, no one has won the show by exclusively playing an instrument, but several of the winning singers have played piano, guitar, and even ukulele. That includes Kodi Lee, Kevin Skinner, and Grace VanderWaal.

4. Novelty Acts

The AGT Wiki defines novelty acts as those “who use an unusual or unique gimmick as part of their talent.” This includes acts who don’t really fit into the more popular categories like singers and dancers. There have been 298 on the show over the years.


Many of these acts are strange or silly, but some have made it far in the competition. Examples include Tape Face and Kseniya Simonova. Notably, a novelty act won the most recent season of the show. Brandon Leake, the first spoken-word poet on the show, was crowned the winner in Season 15.

5. Acrobats

Over the years, AGT has featured 225 acrobatic acts. This includes aerialists like Duo Transcend and Alan Silva, as well as balancing acts such as the Bello Sisters and the Messoudi Brothers.

Unfortunately, none of the show’s main winners so far have been acrobats. However, acrobatic dance crew V. Unbeatable won the second season of AGT: The Champions earlier this year.

6. Danger Acts

There have been 190 danger acts on America’s Got Talent over the years. That includes knife-throwing duo Deadly Games, escape artist Jonathan Goodwin, and the mysterious Aaron Crow.

While these acts have kept us on the edge of our seats, none of them have won the show. Will America ever put aside its love of singers and dancers and give one of these nail-biting acts a chance at the title? We’ll see.

7. Comedians

Everybody likes to laugh, and over the years, 169 comedians have taken the AGT stage to make that happen for us. Some of our favorites include Ryan Niemiller, Preacher Lawson, and Vicki Barbolak.


The only contestant listed in this category to win the show is ventriloquist Paul Verdin. None of the show’s stand-up comics have ever earned the title, although a few of them have gotten close.

8. Magicians

It might come as a surprise that magicians are so low on this Top 10 list. There have been 156 of them on the show over the years, and two of them have been crowned the winner — Mat Franco and Shin Lim, who also won AGT: The Champions.

Other memorable magic acts include Sacred Riana, Piff the Magic Dragon, and Jon Dorenbos. We can’t wait to see what future magicians on the show have hiding up their sleeves.

9. Animal Acts

Over the years, 87 animal acts have taken the stage on AGT. That includes trained dog acts like Sara and Hero and Alexa Lauenburger, piano-playing chickens Jokgu and Aichan, and pig act Pork Chop Revue.

So far, only one animal act has ever won America’s Got Talent. Olate Dogs, a dog act trained by father and son Richard and Nicholas Olate, won Season 7 of the show.

10. Impressionists

Did you know there have been 78 impressionists on the show over the years? These performers showed off their skills at impersonating some of our favorite celebrities and characters.

Examples include current SNL cast member Melissa Villaseñor, rap impressionist Vincent Marcus, and movie lover Greg Morton. The only impressionist to win the show is ventriloquist Terry Fator, who does impressions as part of his routine.

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