The Voice USA

Tonight On ‘The Voice’ It Gets Real Latin In This Sneak Peek

One thing you don’t see a lot on The Voice, (in the U.S., any way), are singers in Spanish. As a Latino whose first language is Spanish, this video made me really happy. Johnny Bliss, a Nuyorican singer with an unbelievable set of pipes brought it.

All four chairs turned and it’s no surprise. I don’t know what Blake thinks he can bring to the table with a Latin singer from New York, but you never know. What’s even more crazy is that Adam used his one block this season to block Kelly from getting Johnny for her team. Alicia felt very strongly that with their New York connection and her love of Puerto Rico, that he should pick her. Then she busted out a Spanish language version of her hit song If I Ain’t Got You.

She’s totally getting Johnny for her team. It also makes the most sense given his vocal power to be with the best singer on the panel.