Tonight The Top 10 ‘Voice’ Contestants Compete For A Spot In The Semifinals

This evening the top 10 contestants left on The Voice will sing their little hearts out for a spot in the top 8 semifinals. Who will go home and who will stay when the results are announced on Tuesday? With this fearsome competition and the sheer talent of the singers this year it’s going to be tough. Here’s who we think will make it through.

Chloe Kohanski, Brooke Simpson, and Addison Agen are clearly making it to the semis. They are all amazing and have a HUGE following. Ditto with Red. Our interview with him got us a lot of attention. Noah will also make it as he is a favorite with the ladies and dudes for that matter. Then it gets complicated. I believe the last three spots will be Ashland Craft, Keisha Renee, and Davon but I can’t be sure.

The one I’m pretty certain is going home is Adam Cunningham. He’s great but he’s been in the bottom two the last couple of weeks. As for Shi’ann Jones, I just don’t know that she has that much left to show us. She needs more seasoning as she is really young, after all. But Jen does believe in her a lot but I think her journey is coming to an end.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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