TikTok Star Who Licked Airplane Toilet Threatens To Cough On Dr. Phil

Tik Tok Star Threatens Doctor Phil And Denies Coronavirus Can Affect HerSamantha Agate | Talent Recap

Ava Louise, whose TikTok of her licking an airplane toilet sparked a worldwide debate about millennials that lack concern for getting coronavirus, recently had a heated argument with Dr.Phil. He wanted to explain to her that younger people are also at risk of getting coronavirus. She claimed that only “boomers” deserved to get the virus and that she does not take the virus seriously.

“Young people are getting this,” said Dr. Phil as Ava talked about how she partied hard on spring break and did not catch the virus. Her TikTok video started a “Coronavirus Challenge” where people began to lick things in public places. One influencer who licked a toilet seat announced that he actually contracted the virus.

Ava Louise Thinks Coronavirus Is Limiting Her Freedom

Ava said she was not at all concerned about coronavirus because she does not have any symptoms. She continued to reference spring break and how she kissed a bunch of people without getting sick. She pointed a finger at Dr.Phil saying he was only concerned about getting sick because he is part of the only group of people that could die from the virus. Here she implied that only older people are at risk of getting coronavirus and are facing deadly effects.

Dr. Phil shared some statistics with her that showed that young people are getting coronavirus. This includes people in their 20s just like her. But that did not stop her from continuing to deny that people her age are at risk.


Dr.Phil Wants Ava To Realize That Her Actions Have Consequences

Dr.Phil asked Ava if she would feel bad if she infected someone with coronavirus causing them to lose their life. She retorted “I will pull up and cough on you.” He went on to say she has a spoiled and entitled attitude to which she replied, “you’re the boomer, you’re the spoiled one.”

He continued to call Ava ignorant and attention-seeking based on her comments. In a recent Youtube video posted on her channel, Ava said: “Darwinism is doing its job by knocking you out with this virus,” in reference to the older generation that she calls “boomers.” As you can imagine, the comments on her video were not very positive and instead bashed her for her ignorant outlook.

This Isn’t Her First Appearance On Dr. Phil

Ava was on Dr.Phil a year ago after some of her friends felt like she partied too much and abused alcohol. They were worried that she would take her partying to new extremes. They said she drank to the point of blacking out on a daily basis.

She was brought back onto the show again six months later to be used as an example for another woman who was going down the same path. She admitted that she put on an act on the show to gain followers. It sounded like she was turning a new leaf but then she released a song called “Skinny Legend Anthem” where she called other girls “ugly.”


On TikTok, she made it very clear that she still wants to become an Instagram influencer and be in the spotlight. But it seems like lately, she may continue to be in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons while the world continues to deal with a dangerous pandemic.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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