Thomas Day Reveals The Real Reason He Was Missing From ‘America’s Got Talent’ Live Shows

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For many people, after seeing Thomas Day audition for America’s Got Talent, they just couldn’t get him out of their heads. This heartthrob immediately captured the hearts of America, and everyone was very excited to see him perform in the live shows. However, after all the anticipation, we never got to see this happen. Now, we finally have some answers as to why he was missing.

Thomas Day Was Missing From The ‘America’s Got Talent’ Live Shows

Originally, Thomas was slated to sing during week three of the Quarterfinals on America’s Got Talent. At the last minute, he was replaced with singer Nolan Neal. His fans had faith that he would be performing during week four when it was announced by Terry Crews. Week four came and went with still no sign of Thomas. This left many questioning what happened to the dreamy football star since this was the last week of live shows. Broken Roots, the singing duo that was originally eliminated during Judge Cuts was brought back to perform in Thomas’ place. Broken Roots mentioned they had little time to prepare for their performance after they received the call to come to Universal Studios in California where the show is currently being filmed.


“What happened to Thomas Day??” fans tweeted to America’s Got Talent. They just wanted answers. Well Thomas himself was ready to give answers about why he withdrew from the competition. However, it came with a price, literally. Thomas spoke on his Cameo account about why he was missing from the live shows. Cameo is a video-sharing website where celebrities share personalized content wit fans for a price. One Reddit user posted the video they paid for to give us all the scoop. “So what happened was I withdrew because I couldn’t make it because of football but I am still pursuing music and in college,” Thomas said in the video. “I’m going to be pursuing music but that’s the truth and you know I wish there was something more to it.”

Thomas Hopes To Pursue Music In The Future

Thomas also has big plans for the future. “But if you want to know something I have new music coming out” he said in his Cameo. “It makes me so sad that I can’t perform,” he said at the end of the video. Thomas also thanked his supporters for being so loyal after his America’s Got Talent audition. He came to the show with a story about how he is a singing football star and he definitely will continue to do both of those things. “He’s the #7 kicker in the country, which is a really big deal. His odds are much greater to get a college scholarship playing football and getting a great education than winning #AGT” wrote one ‘AGT’ fan on Twitter after learning that he withdrew from the competition.


How do you feel about Thomas withdrawing from America’s Got Talent? Do you think Broken Roots was a good choice to replace him?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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