Thomas Day Returns To ‘AGT,’ Shares The REAL Reason He Left The Show

Jill O'Rourke
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AGT returned for its first week of semifinals on Tuesday night, as eleven acts competed for a spot in the finals. Two of the night’s acts were wildcards who had previously been eliminated or left the show.

That includes teen singer Thomas Day, who didn’t perform in the quarterfinals. Although he had told fans he left the show to focus on football, tonight Thomas revealed the real reason he had to leave the show.


Read on to see the evening’s epic performances, and watch Thomas Day share his story. Voting is open until Wednesday morning at 7 am ET. We’ll find out which acts made it to the finals in tomorrow night’s results show.

Watch The ‘AGT’ Semifinals Performances

Double Dragon

These twin sisters performed “Juice” and “Mi Gente,” moving through the Universal Studios backlot as they sang. They ended their performance with a burst of fireworks. Sofia Vergara was impressed by their energy and loved that they sang in Spanish. However, Howie Mandel said they weren’t the “best” singers or dancers.

Dance Town Family

This dance group was chosen to return as a wildcard act after being eliminated earlier in the competition. Tonight, they delivered a lively performance from Florida while wearing face masks. Heidi Klum said she was happy they brought the group back. Howie said they have “something for everyone.”

Broken Roots

This duo was sent home earlier in the competition, but got a second chance to compete in the live shows as a replacement for Thomas Day. Tonight, they performed Blake Shelton’s “God’s Country” with flames behind them. Howie said they were “doing it right.” Sofia called it their best performance.

Spyros Bros

The brothers’ dad spoke about them in an emotional opening package, saying how proud he is. They performed an outdoor diabolo routine that included cartwheels, splits, and fire. They had a couple of slip-ups, and Sofia said it might be too “risky.” But Heidi said it didn’t take away the “wow effect.”

Thomas Day

Thomas previously said he missed the quarterfinals because of football, but he revealed in his opening package that his mom tested positive for COVID-19, and then he did too. The judges brought him back as a wildcard on his last day of quarantine. Tonight, he performed “When the Party’s Over” by Billie Eilish. Howie said he “shined,” and Sofia said the girls would go “crazy” for him.

Alan Silva

This aerialist’s opening package included a sweet message from his son. During this week’s performance, he mixed things up by hanging on chains instead of his usual silks. Sofia said it was his best performance yet, but Howie disagreed, calling it “more of the same.”

Shaquira McGrath

Shaquira paid tribute to her mom before her performance this week. She went on to perform “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac. Sofia praised her confidence, and Heidi called her a “singing chameleon.” Howie said she “owned it,” adding that she didn’t look nervous at all.

Brandon Leake

After a powerful performance last week, this poet (and Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer) returned to the stage to perform a series of emotional letters to his absent father. Howie said it was “so much more than a performance.” Heidi said he earned a spot on the finals.

Malik DOPE

This drummer was previously saved from elimination by the judges. This week, he performed a dynamic drumming routine outside at Universal Studios. He even played on a flaming drum! Howie said he could have a Vegas show. Sofia said he improved since the last time he performed, calling him a “showman.”


Archie Williams

This singer said he wanted to make his daughter proud with his performance. This week, he sang “Flying Without Wings.” Sofia said it’s a “treat” every time he performs, praising his “connection” with the audience. Howie said Archie’s “imperfection is perfection.”

Roberta Battaglia

This singer, who earned Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer, recently turned 11 years old. Tonight, she performed “What About Us” by Pink. Sofia called it “spectacular” and “perfection.” Heidi couldn’t believe she’s only 11 years old, and Howie called her “truly a professional.”

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