This Is Not A Drill: ‘The Four’s’ Diddy Announces Return Of ‘Making The Band’

Lauren Ashley Beck
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The Fours Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs announces return of Making The Band. MTV’s 2002 hit will be back on our TV screens in 2020. Wanna shoot your shot? Making The Band is going global!

Nostalgia at its finest! Partnering up with his old pals at MTV, Diddy damn near broke the net announcing the revival of the exemplary competition show.

“We couldn’t be happier to welcome back the incomparable Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs to his rightful home at ‘MTV’,” said Nina L. Diaz, MTV’s President of Entertainment. “ ‘Making the Band’ was ahead of its time and the ultimate disruptor – fans everywhere have been clamoring for a return and they are in for the biggest, most iconic season yet.”

Last week, Diddy ignited a firestorm online toying with the idea of the return of the show. Fans outpouring of love and support for a revival didn’t go unnoticed, because the show has been green-lit for another season!

It’s Official ‘Making The Band’ Is Back

Taking to Twitter The Four frontman said, “It’s official, decisions made…’Making The Band’ 2020 is back!”

In an official statement Combs revealed, “‘Making the Band’ is coming back bigger, bolder and more cutting edge. MTB on MTV was the pioneer of reality TV. We’re going to bring that supernatural energy back to the format and bring the world it’s next global superstars.”
Diddy – Making The Band

In a league of its own, Making The Band paved the way for competition shows coupled with real-life drama. The series birthed some of our favorite bands like Day26, DaBand, and Danity Kane.

GettyImages Danity Kane – Making The Band

At its debut in the early 2000’s, no one could’ve predicted the impact the show would have on the world. The show originally premiered on ABC, conceptualized by ponzi schemer Lou Pearlman. Diddy took over the franchise in 2002, joining forces with MTV to find the next chart-topping sensation.

Combs acted as a judge, host, and mentor for the series showcasing ‘the man behind the mask’ and his passion for artistry.

Diddy Loves Cheesecake

Side note – We can’t write about Making The Band without mentioning the infamous cheesecake moment.

Back in Season 2, Diddy demanded a slice of cheesecake from his favorite spot in New York, Junior’s Cheesecake. This forced members of ‘Da Band’ to walk from mid-town Manhattan to Brooklyn! That’s 10 miles JUST to take care of the music moguls sweet tooth! We hope to see more moments like this one on the upcoming season.

GettyImages Da Band – Making The Band

How To Audition

Diddy added that there will be an open casting call across all social media platforms including, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, by using the hashtag #MTBCasting. Contestants must be 18 or older to apply. Additional casting opportunities are set to be announced in upcoming weeks.

In addition, MTV is also partnering up with performance app Smule. Launching the Making The Band Campaign, fans will have access to a curated playlist of songs to choose from to create video auditions that can be shared across social media.

For more information and Making The Band updates, follow @MakingTheBand on FacebookInstagram and Twitter; use #MTBCasting to audition!

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