This Is The Third Group Of ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2017 Semi-Finalists

Tuesday night America voted and last night the results of America’s Got Talent quarterfinals competition were announced. Seven acts move forward into the semi-finals. There were quite a few surprise upsets among the winners.

First up were the two technical acts, Diavolo and Oskar and Gaspar. This was a no brainer as far as I’m concerned. Diavolo got a much deserved win. Oskar and Gaspar’s projections are cool and all but they don’t hold a candle to Diavolo’s creative acrobatics.

Next up we had Kechi and Final Draft on the chopping block. As comes as no surprise to anyone, Kechi moved on. There was NO WAY this wasn’t going to be the result. Kechi may very well win it all, in my opinion.

Then came a truly difficult one. Chase Goehring and Mike Yung. Both super talented and with great stories. The results were surprising when it was announced that both acts would move forward. That just warms the heart.

After that, we had Oscar Hernandez, Sara Carson and Hero, and Junior and Emily. I was sure that Oscar Hernandez was going to win but in a surprise result it was Sara Carson and her dog Hero that are going to the semi-finals. This is a much deserved win. Sara and Hero are mega talented and adorable.

Then we had the Dunkin save. Pint-sized singer Angelina Green, mentalist Colin Cloud, and gospel choir Greater Works were competing for the last two spots. The first one was Colin Cloud, which surprised pretty much everyone. It isn’t that his act isn’t cool but Tuesday’s performance was kind of…weird. But whatever, the donut overlords at Dunkin have spoken.

Lastly, the judges decided who got the last spot. Angelina Green was an early favorite, (and Heidi’s Golden buzzer), but her song on Tuesday was OK but it wasn’t not stellar. Greater Works, on the other hand, brought the spirit to that auditorium. In a three to one vote, (Heidi again), Greater Works moves forward.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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