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The Four’s Comeback episode is quickly approaching and the race is heating up! Only four contestants from this season will return for a second chance at taking a seat. Last season, the Comeback brought fan-favorite Zhavia and eventual runner-up Candice Boyd back into the mix. This season is a little different because even challengers who were never part of The Four have a chance to be brought back! With so many singers eligible for #TheFourComeback, which ones are most likely to return? Let’s take a look at what the numbers say!

The Front-Runners

Whitney Reign and Majeste Pearson are the clear front-runners so far. Their support on social media has skyrocketed and put them in front of the pack.

Whitney especially has seen huge support from her fans on social media. Her recent exit last week, after securing the bag and holding a seat for two weeks, left a lot of fans shocked. It’s possible that her return could be a re-match against Ali Caldwell, who took her seat. I would love to see the two soulful divas battle it out for a second time but I doubt the result would be any different.

Majeste Pearson beat out original member of The Four Carvena Jones for her seat. Majeste took us to church with covers of songs from powerhouse vocalists like Adele, Sia, and Demi Lovato. But she lost the week after taking her seat to current member of The Four, Jesse Kramer. This was one of the more interesting match-ups of the season because the two had little to nothing in common. Chances are she’ll be back and ready to EAT! Personally, I’d say she has the best chance of earning a seat here.

The Contenders

Now assuming Whitney and Majeste are shoe-ins, let’s see who could take the last two spots. This is a four-way race between Quinton Ellis, Stephanie Zelaya, Lil Bri, and Brennan Villines.

Quinton Ellis has been campaigning heavily and relentlessly on social media. He constantly retweets people who voted for him and reminds fans to vote every day. It seems like his efforts are paying off too! Chances are he’ll be returning to the show. He has the best chance of any of the other contenders.

Stephanie Zelaya brought fire to The Four stage with her upbeat performances. The “Guatemalan Queen” was one of the original members of The Four and defended her seat for a week before being taken down by Whitney Reign. She was well-liked by fans and has been getting consistent support on social. If everything continues to go as it has, I would expect Stephanie to return for the fourth spot.

Lil Bri went viral for her all-female rap battle against Sharaya J, the first of its kind on primetime television. In the end, Sharaya J took home the win. But it’s possible that if we see Lil Bri come back, she could try to take down Sharaya J again. She had a lot of support on social and on the show, so this very well could happen.

Brennan Villines performed a slowed-down, piano version of “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” to earn his challenge against Sharaya J. However, he wasn’t able to win her seat. He is the most surprising to me to be showing performing well on #TheFourComeback. I didn’t think he was anything spectacular to be honest.

The Dark Horses

While we’ve already discussed the most likely candidates for the Comeback, Rebecca Black and Felixx (Felix Thompson) are two dark horses who could sneak in and steal a spot.

Felixx is without a doubt the most energetic performer The Four has ever seen. I mean, who else could pull off a backflip on stage? According to our poll on YouTube, Felixx has strong support too. However, this is not reflected in the social media numbers. If Felixx is going to earn a Comeback spot, his supporters will need to tweet.

Rebecca Black definitely provided the biggest social media buzz on The Four this season. Her return to the public eye sparked a lot of conversation around the show. But after appearing on the premiere, she lost her challenge against James Graham. She has the most followers on social media of everyone by far but she has yet to use that to her advantage. All she would need to do is mention #TheFourComeback once and she’d probably be back.

How To Vote For #TheFourComeback

If you want to see your favorite contestant return to their seat, here’s what you need to do: Tweet or Retweet using the hashtag #TheFourComeBack + the artist’s #FirstName. If that’s too hard, just go to www.THEFOURMUSIC.com and pick your favorite.


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