‘The X Factor UK’ Returns With More Audition Fun


This Saturday we were treated to another round of X Factor UK auditions. I have to say that this week was fairly lackluster. There was a lot of ‘meh’ with a few that were ‘nice’. That’s not strong praise. They can’t all be Grace Davies.

Spencer Sutherland

First up was a wannabe soul singer from Ohio that traveled to jolly old England to audition for The X Factor UK. He’s got a good voice but the judges all thought he was corny and trying to be somebody he’s not. He got 4 yeses…barely.


These two brothers were also a couple of cheeseballs. They got three yeses, Simon saying no, but I don’t see them going far.

Matt Linnen

This plasterer has a nice sexy, gravely voice. Plus Nicole likes his blue eyes. He got 4 yeses but he’s got to be more confident if he wants to advance.

Scarlett Lee

This girl is…interesting. She looks like the English equivalent of The Jersey Shore. She’s got a decent voice but needs to tone it WAY down. I’m surprised she got three yeses.

Rai-Elle Williams

At only 16, little Rai-Elle wants to be a star. She’s certainly got the voice for it. Maybe the best voice of the night.

Brad Howard

Good voice, sexy look, and Nicole was all about him. She was all in love with him. Simon gave him a no, but he went through.

Slavko Kalezic

We’ve been waiting for the coming of Slavko for weeks. We did an interview with him and couldn’t wait for the world to see this tour de force. He got through to the next round, of course, due in no small part for having charmed the pants off of Louis.

Alisah Bonaobra

Young Alisah came all the way from the Philippines on funds collected by family and friends. Good thing she’s awesome and moved on to the next round.

Jenny Ball

Even though she came with her friend who was also auditioning, only she made it through. It’s easy to see why. Her voice is out of control good.

Reuel Elijah

He doesn’t have the greatest voice in the world but he delivered Montell Jordan’s This is How We Do It with style and got four yeses.

Susan Shepherd

Two words: Train. Wreck.

Just Us

These two English Golden Girls are just charming with their ABBA song. They even got Nicole and Louis up and singing. They got 4 yeses. Lots of fun.

Berget Lewis

Easily the best voice of the night. Easily. She might be a real contender.

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