‘The X Factor UK’ Returns With Another Stellar Auditions Show


The X Factor UK came back this week with the second of their auditions episodes. It was jam packed full of talent for the most part. There wasn’t any Grace Davieses on this episode but definitely a couple of contenders. There were also a couple of…um…interesting auditions. Train wrecks I would say.

Pretty Boy Karma

Speaking of train wrecks, first up we had Pretty Boy Karma. They are a set of twins that look vaguely like Justin Bieber and like to show off their six-pack abs. The only problem: They can’t sing worth a damn. They even did a Bieber song and couldn’t get it right. Don’t quit your day job, guys.

Talia Dean

Talia is a sweet girl that works at the airport attending to VIPs and had actually worked with Nicole and Sharon before. She’s got a great voice but lacks total control. Maybe with a little help she can improve.

Kevin Davy White

This French dude has got the goods. He’s got a ridiculously good voice, a great look, and that sexy French accent. He’s definitely going to go far. He had Nicole all hot and bothered.

Nathan Sailsman

I felt bad for this guy. Sweet person and a single dad. He’s got a decent voice but just not good enough for the show. Maybe if he gets some practice he can come back stronger?

Rebecca Grace

Rebecca probably had the best voice of the night. She’s an Adele in the making if she can just get a little out of her shell. Seriously.

Bucky Shittu

All the flirting with Simon in the world might get you a yes from him, but not from the other three. Her audition was all over the place. She should stick to the church choir doing leads.

The CutKelvins

This sibling act was super talented, but it was clear that the sister, Shereen, was the real star. They are like Destiny’s Child now and Shereen is the Beyonce. The brothers are Kelly and Michelle.

Daniel Quick

He looks like Harry Potter but sings like Sam Smith. This mama’s boy has a great voice, though it could use some seasoning.


Deanna from Anguilla made a bold choice by picking a Whitney Houston song for her audition. It’s not exactly easy to do Whitney. But she rose to the occasion and killed it. She easily moved on.

Aidan Martin

Soulful. He sang a song he wrote that was about his own recent breakup. It was beautiful and he has a pleasing voice. He’ll go far.

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