‘The X Factor UK’ Has A Shocking Weekend



Things are really getting serious on The X Factor UK. What started off as kind of a slow season is really amping up. On a night when they had technical difficulties that led to the voting being suspended, they also had some shocking eliminations. Plus Simon dressed like a mummy. Let’s take a look.

Molly Scott

Molly Scott has been an early favorite and she did a terrific job with Britney Spears’ Toxic. I thought it was a really good performance, not just in the singing but the general performance.

Dalton Harris

This guy is in a category all his own. So far he has done nothing but deliver every time. For Halloween week he sang Radiohead’s Creep. To say he killed it is an understatement. Dalton is looking more and more like contender for the crown.

United Vibe

These guys survived last week by the skin of their teeth. They lack any kind of cohesion and are just a group of singers not a singing group. This performance was not good. Like, at all.

Shan Ako

I think the whole shebang might come down to Shan and Dalton. She sang Sound of Silence, not an easy song to sing. She annihilated it and made all the judges get on their feet. She’s dangerous.

Danny Tetley

On a night where they were having all kinds of technical difficulties, Danny suffered from it as well. His mic was not working properly and you could barely hear him. What I heard was good though.

Anthony Russell

Good ‘ol Anthony also had some technical difficulties going on, but he’s so good and charismatic that I think he’ll continue to kick ass throughout the competition.


Misunderstood doing Thriller by Michael Jackson? You just know that’s going to be awesome. If you are talking about sheer showmanship, then Misunderstood are the best people on the show. No doubt.

Scarlett Lee

She wasn’t feeling well after helping her brother whose house caught on fire. But she’s a trooper and her rendition of I Put A Spell On You by Screamin Jay Hawkins was dooooope. She’s another contender for the finals.

Acacia and Aaliyah

They sing Jump by Kriss Kross…which isn’t really a Halloween song at all. It’s also rap and not singing, but whatever. They did a good job with it. Though I was disappointed they didn’t wear their clothes backwards. Look up what that joke means, young people.

Bella Penfold

Bella is really becoming one of the best singers in the competition. There has been a real journey with her so far this season. She sang In My Blood by Shawn Mendes and really did a great job.

Brendan Murray

It’s not that Brendan isn’t good. He’s singing in a bar good or small club good. He’s just not a superstar. That’s just my opinion.

Giovanni Spano

Here’s the thing. Giovanni is his own worst enemy. He is a good singer but the screaming has to stop. He sang Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney and the screaming was killing me. You can scream a little, like Paul does, but not a lot.

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