‘The World’s Best’ Episode 3 Recap: Did the Auditions End on a High Note?

Julia Delbel
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Tonight was the last episode of The World’s Best auditions, and we watched 10 more acts take the stage in hopes of impressing the judges and Wall of the World. How did they do? Let’s recap everything that went down!

Shaolin Yanze Kung Fu (China)

The first act of the night burst onto the stage and immediately started showing their stuff. They incorporated fighting tricks, solo moves, and group stunts for a routine that truly packed a punch! These guys aren’t just martial artists, they are true showmen!


Drew complimented their artistry, and Petra from the Wall was excited to see that they included whip choreography in the act.

Drew: 42
RuPaul: 46
Faith: 42
Judges’ Average: 43
Total Score: 89

They’re moving onto the Battle round!

Daneliya Tuleshova (Kazakhstan)

Participating in The World’s Best fulfills 12-yea-rold Daneliya’s dream to travel to America and she sang “Rise Up” for her audition. Drew said “We hope for these moments on this show, and you moved me to tears.” (And apparently goosebumps as well, according to RuPaul!)


While everyone seemed to enjoy Daneliya’s performance, vocal coach Margareta did tell her to work to ensure her technique was as strong as her ability to communicate and move people with her voice, which singer Keshia echoed after the vote.

Drew: 50
RuPaul: 47
Faith: 45
Judges’ Average: 47 (rounded down)
Total Score: 96

We’ll be hearing Daneliya sing for the judges again very soon!

Nina Conti (Great Britain)

Nina is a ventriloquist, but didn’t show up to The World’s Best with any puppets. Instead, she had a rack of masks made to cover people’s mouths and noses that she was able to move and provide voices for. And she did just that, bringing up a couple of audience members for a “conversation” as well as James!


RuPaul called Nina’s sense of humor “fresh” and modern. Ross from the wall said she was the full package with both great technique with the ventriloquism and great humor with the improvisational aspect with the act.

Drew: 44
RuPaul: 40
Faith: 43
Judges’ Average: 42
Total Score: 85

Nina advances!

Duo Nigretai (Brazil)

Jessica and Kaue are aeralists who suspended themselves in the air using their hair and teeth! Faith called it “remarkable” and Ru deemed it “a world-class act”, though Drew found it scary and hard to watch.


Drew: 30
RuPaul: 45
Faith: 35
Judges’ Average: 37
Total Score: 81

Duo Nigretai is coming back for another round!

Lilac Band (United States) and Emotional Line (South Korea)

Lilac Band is a family rock band from the United States, while Emotional Line is a dance group from South Korea.


Unfortunately, we only got to see brief clips of these two acts. From what little we saw of Lilac Band, they seemed to blow the roof off the place and ended up advancing with a total score of 91 points overall. Emotional Line, however, wasn’t so fortunate, eliminated with 69 points.

William Close (United States)

William is the creator of the Earth Harp, the longest playable stringed instrument in the world. So long, in act, that its strings stretched all the way across the room up onto the Wall of the World, effectively turning the studio into the instrument!


As William demonstrated to Faith after the performance, the Earth Harp is played by pinching the strings and running your hands up and down them. Chantal told William his music moved her and that he “made it sexy”.

Drew: 45
RuPaul: 35
Faith: 47
Judges’ Average: 42
Total Score: 87

Los Vivancos (Spain) and Li Wei (China)

Los Vivancos consists of six brothers and holds the world record for “fastest flamenco footwork”, while Li Wei is a highwire balancer.


Once again, we didn’t get to see the full performances of these acts, which is a shame because the judges and experts seemed to love both. Ru said Los Vivancos “just needs a little more nudity” and that what Li was able to do on the wire was the “greatest spectacle of what human ability can achieve”. Dancer Dennis echoed the latter sentiment, telling Li “You are the world’s best!”

Los Vivancos received an overall score of 84 and Li got 90 points altogether, meaning both advanced to the Battle round!

Vonnie Lopez & The High Praise Choir (United States)

Vonnie was born tone-deaf into a music-loving family, but she was miraculously healed of the condition at age 13.


After Vonnie’s performance all the judges gushed over her, and Faith said “This is a voice we need in this world right now”.

Drew: 47
RuPaul: 48
Faith: 50
Judges’ Average: 48 (rounded down)
Total Score: 92

Next week the Battle round will commence, with 12 face-offs between the top 24 acts. They have all been split into four categories which they will compete within: Solo Music, Group Music, Solo Variety, and Group Variety.

In the meantime, let us know what you thought of the auditions round and who your favorite acts were tonight in the comments below!

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