[VIDEO] ‘The World’s Best’ 6-Octave-Man Dimash Performs in The US Ahead of his Big Tour Next Month

Dimsh world's best new york concertMriganka Chawla | Talent Recap

Dimash Kudaibergen, the six-octave man from The World’s Best, recently took the stage at Barclays Center in NYC. And he’ll be back next month!

Here’s everything you need to know about his recent NYC concert, when to expect him back, plus the full clip of his performance.

Dimash Kudaibergen performs at Barclays Center in NYC

Dimash Performed at Barclays Center on October 26

Just a few weeks ago, Dimash appeared in a concert at Barclays Center celebrating the 65th birthday of Russian composer Igor Krutoi. According to the event description, Krutoi is “renowned for shaping an innovative artistic and musical genre through his magnificent performances, which have been enjoyed by the Russian Aristocracy and other global admirers throughout the decades.” Dimash was one of the featured artists, alongside a number of Russian artists.

The World’s 6 Octave Man, Dimash, created a buzz

As you can tell from the video, he made quite the impression on the audience. In a burgundy velvet suit, Dimash showed off his signature impressive range and brought the fans to their feet with his artistry. This is more of what we saw from him during his time on The World’s Best! And honestly, I could watch it all day. It is insane what Dimash’s voice can do!

Dimash auditions for The World’s Best

Where/When to See Dimash in NYC

If you agree with me and you’re in the NYC area, you’re in luck! Dimash will be back at Barclays Center on December 10th for his own concert. It will be his very first solo concert in the United States, titled “ARNAU.” As far as what to expect, Dimash has plenty of original music and the impressive pipes to pull them off.

For your chance to see Dimash perform live, tickets are for sale on the Barclays Center website. And you won’t want to miss his US debut!

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