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The Woman Who Threw Eggs At Simon Cowell On Live TV — Why Did She Do It?

Samantha Agate

Samantha Agate

The Woman Who Threw Eggs At Simon Cowell On Live TV

Simon Cowell is notoriously known for being a little harsh on television. There have been so many times where contestants have retaliated against him whether it’s verbally or by throwing a cup of water at him. But this certainly takes the cake. One woman literally threw eggs at Simon during a Britain’s Got Talent act. Who is she?

Woman Leaves Simon Cowell Covered In Eggs In Bizarre Rampage On ‘BGT’

Contestants Richard and Adam Johnson were performing their opera routine during the Live Shows on season seven of ‘BGT.’ About a minute and 45 seconds into their performance things went haywire. Suddenly from directly behind them, a woman dressed in black who looked like a member of the orchestra walked in front of Richard and Adam. She held a carton of eggs that she hid in her tights and began throwing them at Simon. She did so with a smile on her face.


Richard and Adam were certainly confused about what was going on but they continued singing. A security guard came and picked her up and ran her off the stage. Hosts Ant & Dec came out to explain the egg-throwing was not a part of the act and they apologized to Richard and Adam. The judges all stood up in shock and a few of the eggs actually had landed in the audience. Simon’s jacket was covered in eggs so he had to take it off but he did manage to flash a little smile.

When it was time for Simon to give his critique, he said that perhaps the stunt was a reference to him tweeting out that he does not like eggs. He praised the act for continuing on during the incident and said that it was the best they have ever sounded. He even went as far as to predict that the duo would win the competition despite everything that went on.

Who Is The Woman That Pelted Simon With Eggs?

The woman was revealed to be Natalie Holt who was playing the violin in the orchestra on ‘BGT.’ She is a British composer who has worked on numerous film and television projects for channels like BBC. She was even nominated for a BAFTA award. Natalie was actually a contestant on ‘BGT’ one year prior to the egg-throwing incident with her band called Raven Quartet. After her ‘BGT’ egg-throwing stunt, several people backstage admitted that Natalie was angry that the orchestra was asked to mime the performance while a backtrack played.

Natalie Holt Refused To Apologize To Simon Cowell

Natalie wrote a piece for the Guardian titled “Why I Pelted Simon Cowell With Eggs.” She first apologized to Richard and Adam for disrupting their performance. “I was planning to do it once the song finished, but I got a bit nervous and went slightly early,” she wrote. “I sincerely apologize for overshadowing their moment and to anyone watching and in the live audience who felt that their evening’s entertainment was marred, or even ruined. However, I am not sorry for pelting Simon Cowell with eggs.”


“I think Cowell has too much power and influence in the entertainment industry” she said. “I also just wanted to make him look a bit silly. I hoped it would come across as a British panto-style jape, which might also generate some more serious debate.”

Richard and Adam were definitely not forgiving. They blamed Natalie for destroying their dream and costing them the win. “She said she was protesting about music not being performed properly, but we were there singing our hearts out, performing live and she ruined it,” Richard told The Sun. They finished the competition in third place.

What Happened To Natalie Holt After The Egg Incident On ‘BGT’?

In her essay in The Guardian, Natalie said she was already facing some consequences to her actions. She did have some work cancelled and also felt the press made her out to be this wild unhinged woman. But her parents and her boyfriend still stood by her. Simon did not press charges so Natalie did not face any legal action. 

She jokingly offered to pay for Simon’s dry cleaning bill or buy him a new shirt, maybe with a few more buttons at the top. Her band Raven Quartet were disappointed in her actions. “Just to clarify…The other 3 of us were working elsewhere today and found out when you did” the rest of the band posted on social media to let everyone know they had no involvement in the incident. The group disbanded in 2014.

Simon had the last laugh though because he tweeted “I don’t think eggs should be allowed on talent shows. Discuss?” But Natalie did not tarnish her career entirely. She actually went on to win the Ivor Novello Award in 2015. She was also nominated for an Emmy award in 2017 as she has continued to pursue music.


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