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The explosive three-hour finale of Survivor: Winners at War did not disappoint at all. We saw one player come back from the Edge of Extinction and shake up the game. Keep reading to find out which returning Survivor winner won the show for a second time along with a record $2 million prize.

One Shocking Player Came Back From The Edge Of Extinction

The contestants from the Edge of Extinction finally have their shot to earn their way back into the game. They must untangle a rope and dig through sand to find a piece of a rope bridge. The contestants must then put together a rope bridge. Natalie Anderson used her fire tokens to buy three advantages in this challenge but was shockingly falling behind.  Wendell dominated all of the obstacles and was the first one to move on to land two balls in a maze. Natalie has a shocking come from behind victory and earns her way back into the game. She was the contestant that was on The Edge of Extinction the longest so it is well-deserved.

For the first immunity challenge of the episode, the contestants must go through an obstacle course three times to retrieve three bags of puzzle pieces. This challenge is particularly fun because it features a waterslide!! There was definitely some Olympic worthy moments on the waterslide. They then have to put together a puzzle that Michele Fitzgerald actually did on her first season and won. She came from behind and quickly put together the puzzle winning the challenge. Since Michele has immunity and Natalie has an idol that she bought on The Edge of Extinction, that leaves the other four players to scramble. Tony Vlachos and Ben Driebergen debate playing their idols too. Ben, Natalie and Tony all play their hidden immunity idols. This forced a revote and the only two options were Denise Stapley and Sarah Lacina. Denise is voted out. 


The Second Tribal Council Ends In A Friendly Embrace

With three idols played at tribal council, all of the players go searching for the idol back at camp. The underdog Natalie happens to find it. For the second immunity challenge of the episode, the contestants must swim to a ramp and jump off. They then need to retrieve a key and crawl in the sand. The key unlocks sandbags. They must land 2 sandbags on a platform. Tony wins the immunity challenge with some spot-on tosses. Anyone that misses watching live sports definitely got their fix in tonight’s episode. He has been absolutely killing these challenges lately. Sarah realizes that Natalie has an idol. The plan is to vote out Michele. 

Ben fears that Natalie will give her idol to Michele. He tells Sarah that he doesn’t mind if she votes him out. It’s unlike Ben to give up like this but it emphasizes the great friendship he has built with Sarah. Natalie plays the idol for herself, but Ben is voted out. He and Sarah have a long hug and he seems grateful to have played the game again.

The Fire Making Challenge Was A Showdown Between Two Alliance Members

The next immunity challenge is one we have seen before. The contestants must place multiple balls inside of a metal track and catch them when they come out on the other side. The catch (haha) is that they are only allowed to use one hand. If a contestant drops a ball on the ground, they are out of the challenge. Tony and Sarah are unable to catch their balls leaving Natalie and Michele to battle it out. Ultimately, it is Natalie who wins immunity.

Natalie gets to choose one person that she wants to sit next to in the final three. She gets to choose which two contestants will partake in a fire-making challenge for the final spot. In another shocking turn of events this season, the contestants actually want to partake in the fire-making challenge. They all have something to prove and want to add more things to their resume to make their case to win the game. Natalie chooses to take Michele with her to the final three. This was a bold move. Therefore, Sarah and Tony, the cops, will be making fire. This is the most back and forth fire-making challenge in the history of Survivor. The flames were getting strong and weak and then just when it looked like Sarah was going to win….Tony’s fire burned through the rope! Tony will be going to the final three.

Which Player Walked Away With The Victory On ‘Survivor: Winners At War?’

All three players made a great case as to why they should each win the game. Natalie relied on the advantages she found on the Edge of Extinction. Tony played an amazing social game and built relationships with nearly everyone and was able to pull off some epic blindsides. Michele fought her way through difficult challenges and being at the bottom numerous times. But only one can win. The winner of Survivor: Winners at War is………Tony Vlachos!


Tony played a very dominant game this season. His alliance with Sarah and Ben made it all the way to the end. He won four immunity challenges and he made us all laugh with some hilarious moments. It was definitely well-deserved. This has been the most epic season of Survivor and seeing all of the winners come back was such a fun twist.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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