‘The Voice’ Season 16 Finale Performances Recap: Team Blake vs Maelyn

Kyle Montplaisir
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The Voice Finale for season 16 is here! With only Maelyn Jarmon, Andrew Sevener, Dexter Roberts, and Gyth Rigdon left, it’s anyone’s show to win. But who will sing their way to The Voice trophy? Let’s hear their last performances before the big results show tomorrow night!

Each contestant will sing a new cover, an original song, and a duet with their coach. That means we’ll see Blake Shelton take the stage three times and John Legend pair up with his last remaining contestant, Maelyn Jarmon, for a duet. All the excitement starts now!

Maelyn Jarmon – “Wait For You”

The night kicked off with Team Legend’s Maelyn Jarmon singing her original song, “Wait For You.” This was a huge moment for Maelyn. Her original reminds me of Florence + the Machine in the BEST way. She was pitch perfect and looked the part with her styling and the drummers and backup singers behind her. This performance will be hard to top!

Andrew Sevener & Blake Shelton – “All Right Now”

Next up was the first coach duet of the night, Andrew Sevener and Blake Shelton. The pair sang Free’s “All Right Now.” Having both Andrew and Blake front and center singing and playing guitar made this a dynamic, fun performance. Andrew really kept up with his coach too! He had his own moments and proved why he won the Instant Save last week.

Dexter Roberts – “Anything Goes”

Another Team Blake member Dexter Roberts took the stage next. He performed “Anything Goes” by Randy Houser, which Blake says he saved for this Finale moment. In my opinion, this is one of his best performances yet. Dexter has a great tone and fully showed it off here. He could be peaking at just the right moment!

Gyth Rigdon & Blake Shelton – “Take It Easy”

To continue the Team Blake streak, Gyth Rigdon performed his duet with Blake Shelton. They chose another fan favorite, “Take It Easy” by The Eagles. This was another great performance, with Gyth and Blake both having a blast on the stage. It’s so fun to watch them together!

Andrew Sevener – “Rural Route Raising”

The second original song of the night came from Andrew Sevener. This was right in his wheelhouse! And it sounded like something that could actually be on country radio now. Andrew is showing up right when he needs to in this competition. Even if he doesn’t win (which, let’s be real…he probably won’t since he had to be Instant Saved into the Finale), he has a hit on his hands here.

Maelyn Jarmon & John Legend – “Unforgettable”

Wow, wow, wow. I wish John Legend had more finalists in the competition just so he could sing with them! This performance was pure magic. With a full orchestra surrounding them, Maelyn and John sounded timeless and incredible. Having both of their technically perfect voices on this track made it so so special. Plus, it’s clear they work well together and had the chance to make this performance their own.

Gyth Rigdon – “Once in a Blue Moon”

Gyth returned to the stage for his cover song, performing “Once in a Blue Moon” by Earl Thomas Conley. He started seated on a stool, with a giant blue moon behind him. A little much for me but his vocals were solid. I don’t think this was his best performance of the season. Gyth definitely highlighted what brought him this far though, using his high notes and emotional connection to sell the song.

Dexter Roberts – “Looking Back”

Dexter came on next to perform his original song, “Looking Back.” Unfortunately, his original was the least memorable to me. He seemed to be struggling to nail some of the notes too, being flat and sharp at different points. After his other performances tonight, I expected more from his original. I don’t think this song did Dexter any favors.

Andrew Sevener – “Lips of an Angel”

For Andrew’s last performance, he sang “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder. He seems to be going off what Dexter did last week to turn a non-country song into his own. At first, I couldn’t tell if he was off beat or if that was intentional but by the chorus, he was in full swing! Again, not my favorite performance of his. He did pretty well though and I’m sure it will appeal to the voters at home.

Dexter Roberts – “Hard Workin’ Man”

Blake came on the stage for his third and last time tonight, singing with Dexter Roberts. The coach chose another fun song for the pair, Brooks and Dunn’s “Hard Workin’ Man.” Funny enough, I actually thought Dexter sounded better on this song than Blake! That’s a great compliment though, standing next to one of country’s biggest stars.

Gyth Rigdon – “Proof I’ve Always Loved You”

The final original song of the night came from Gyth Rigdon. And it’s actually a song that he wrote! He is the only one of the four finalists who is credited with writing his original. I love the story behind it too and how his co-writer was in the audience to watch. It always makes a difference when the song is personal to you, so Gyth did a great job on it. The song was definitely country, but a little pop-y too, which I appreciated. If any original came close to Maelyn, it was Gyth’s, in my opinion.

Maelyn Jarmon – “Hallelujah”

Maelyn Jarmon closed out the night with her performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” I was reluctantly excited when I heard she would be singing this, since it has been done over and over again on these talent shows. Most memorably, Matthew Schuler did an amazing cover on the same stage a few years ago! But Maelyn brought new life to the song. She can truly sing anything, but this was a special moment. To close out the show and season with such an impressive, emotional ballad was the perfect ending note.

Now it’s up to America who will be crowned The Voice tomorrow night! From tonight’s performances, I have to assume it’s between Maelyn and Gyth for the win, but it’s really anyone’s game here. Tune in to The Voice again tomorrow night for the final results show! It airs at 9pm ET on NBC.

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