The Voice: John Legend Breaks Down While Talking About Losing His Child With Chrissy Teigen


Emotions were running high during last night’s episode of The Voice. Contestant John Holiday delivered a bone-chilling rendition of a Coldplay hit that really resonated with his coach John Legend. Legend, who recently opened up to the world about his wife Chrissy Teigen’s miscarriage broke down before and after the performance.

John Legend Got Emotional After Watching John Holiday’s Performance

It was Fan Appreciation Week on The Voice and the contestants each had to dedicate their performance to someone special. When Holiday announced that he would be singing “Fix You,” he knew right away that the performance would mean a lot to Legend. “It’s one of those songs that is so special and I definitely thought of you and Chrissy,” Holiday said.


“I was just sitting there working, and we started playing this song,” Legend said during rehearsals about listening to the song. “My wife was sitting next to me, my daughter’s in my wife’s lap. We all just started crying… The lyrics of the song just spoke to us.”

Teigen and Legend previously posted photos and heartfelt captions of the day they lost their third child, Jack. She opened up in a powerful essay published by Medium to talk about exactly how she is feeling after losing the baby. She was put on bed rest for over a month and was diagnosed with partial placenta abruption. Chrissy always had placenta problems and doctors were not able to stop her continuous bleeding which resulted in the pair losing the baby.

“Going through what we went through as a family this year… there’s just a lot of folks out there who are struggling and can use this kind of message,” Legend continued on The Voice.

All Of The Coaches Were In Tears After Watching The Performance

As the camera zoomed in on each of the coaches during the emotional performance, it was clear that they were all moved by the song. “The last part of that broke me in a way that I had to shut off,” coach Kelly Clarkson said after watching the performance.

“I mean, I’m crying over here,” Legend said after the song. “When I talked to John about this song, I said it would mean a lot to us if you just give your emotional best performance and let yourself be not perfect, let yourself just live in the emotional of the song. And we felt it.”

It Was A Special Moment For John Legend And John Holiday

For Holiday, it was a “special moment.” He spoke to People Magazine about what the performance really meant to him. “When you’re performing up there, sometimes you can’t see all that,” Holiday said. “But when I was listening to [the coaches] talk back to me, it just let me know that I was able to do what I wanted to do, which was to make people feel something. Not because it’s an emotional song, but just to remind people of where we are.”


“Anytime that I can get them to see me — and I really do mean see me — anytime that I can get someone to see me, hear me and feel me through my music, I know that I am loved,” he continued. “I know that they love what I am doing and they have a connection to that. It was huge affirmation. I have never done this song before publicly, but I’ve done it in private. So it was really beautiful to have that moment of connectedness. We all just want to connect with each other — that’s it.”


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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