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‘The Voice’ Had A Spectacular Night Of Blind Auditions

Jack Tomas

Jack Tomas


The Voice aired a pretty serious collection of talent in last night’s blind auditions show. While not the strongest night, (they led big with the premiere), there are some definite contenders for the finals in this crowd. Let’s recap, shall we?

Jon Mero

This guy’s voice is ridiculously good. Smooth like peanut butter. Serious baby making music. He got four chair turns but he went with pop star extraordinaire Adam.

Rebecca Brunner

Rebecca sang Imagine Dragon’s Believe and impressed Blake who quickly and happily took her for his team.

Chloe Kohanski
She picked one of my favorites, The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. She’s got a sexy husky voice that got Jennifer, Miley, and Blake to swivle. But she went with Miley.

Ilianna Viramontes

She sang Yael Naim’s New Soul, which really showcased her voice. Miley and Blake turned around and she chose Miley, which was definitely the right choice.

Ignatious Carmouche

Ignatious chose Disclosure’s Latch is a Snapchat star with a great falsetto. He picked Jennifer because, of course.

Whitney Fenimore

Whitney did Drake’s Hold On, We’re Going Home, which was a unique choice. He funky, folky vibe made Adam and Miley turn their chairs. She chose Adam.

Meagan McNeal

Meagan McNeal KILLED The Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Face. Soulful. She picked Jennifer because it’s the right friggin’ choice for her.

Brandon Brown

Brandon’s version of Ray Charles’ Georgia On My Mind made Adam turn around super fast. Blake and Jennifer soon joined him. He picked Adam, which I think is a mistake. He should have gone for Jennifer.

Dennis Drummond

Dennis and his funky style did The Black Crowe’s She Talks to Angels, which was a great choice. Unsurprisingly, Blake and Adam both turned around. He picked Blake which was a pretty good decision.

Katrina Rose, Natalie Stovall, Ryan Scripps

Miley got Katrina because she’s all about the ladies this season. Natalie went with Blake because of her country vibe as well as Ryan Scripps.

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