‘The Voice’: Gwen Stefani Finally Gets The Ultimate Revenge On John Legend

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Week two of the Blind Auditions of The Voice showcased an incredible pool of talent. Last week we saw Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton go head to head as they fought to get a number of contestants on their teams. This week, there was a new feud ignited between Gwen Stefani and John Legend.

Check out our recap of last weeks episode of The Voice to see how Blake and Kelly duked it out during the show. We also talk about the top three performances of the week. Plus, tell us who you would put on your own fantasy team in a fun new segment so we can see if any of us predict the winner.

‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions Continue With Gwen Stefani And John Legend Rivalry

During this episode of the the Blind Auditions, John and Gwen went back and forth as they hoped to win over some contestants. But Gwen was the one who prevailed this week, leaving John in the dust. Check out the incredible performances this week on The Voice.

Rio Souma

Rio Souma works on an assembly line but his real dream is to pursue music. For his Blind Audition, he sang “Cruisin'” by Smokey Robinson as an ode to his city, Detroit. Gwen, Kelly and John turned their chairs at the beginning of the performance. Blake said he didn’t hit his button out of respect for not knowing the genre. John complimented Rio’s song choice and called the performance “magical.” Ultimately he ended up choosing to be on Team Legend.


Ryan Berg

Ryan Berg is a Texan that grew up listening to a lot of R&B and soul music, making it clear that he is not your typical cowboy. He sang “Waiting On The World To Change” by John Mayer for his Blind Audition. Gwen turned her chair and used her block on John. John. John turned his chair and then realized Gwen used her block. This automatically made Ryan a member of Team Gwen. John was pretty distraught and Gwen did a happy dance.

Becca Kotte

Becca Kotte grew up playing music at home and even pursued musical theater in college. She worked on “Rock of Ages” in Las Vegas and performed as a backup singer for Rod Stewart. For her Blind Audition, she sang “American Woman” by Lenny Kravitz. Unfortunately none of the coaches turned their chairs.

Jus John

Jus John is a church performer who takes care of his mother that was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He had his eye on having John as a coach. He sang “Talk” by Khalid and shockingly, Blake was the only coach to turn his chair around, making Jus John a member of Team Blake. Blake said that Jus John is unlike anyone else on his team and he has won numerous times with a non-country artist.


Ben Allen

Ben Allen is a bicyclist that discovered music when he picked up his guitar and found he had a real talent. Ailing from the death of his brother, Ben was happy to be on The Voice this season and was thinking about him every step of the way. Blake immediately hit his button during Ben’s audition of “Red Dirt Road.” Gwen and John soon turned their chairs. Gwen said that Ben singing sounded like a record. But it really was a no brainer when he chose to be on Team Blake.

Kelsie Watts

Kelsie Watts is a performer on a show boat but thinks that The Voice would change her life. She sang one of Kelly’s songs “I Dare You.” Kelly and Gwen turned their chairs. Kelly complimented her range and whistle tones and felt it was even better than the original. It was no surprise here that Kelsie chose to be on Team Kelly.

James Mays

James Mays performs around Memphis, Tennessee but The Voice is a whole new experience of him. Both of his grandfathers recently passed away but being on the show has helped him grieve. He took on “The Show Must Go On” by Queen for his Blind Audition. Unfortunately, none of the coaches turned their chairs.


Carter Rubin

Carter Rubin is a 14 year old New Yorker who is the youngest contestant so far on the season. He sang “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi and Gwen and John turned their chairs. John complimented his control and piercing tone. Carter chose to be on Team Gwen. This was the second blow John suffered tonight at the hands of Gwen.


Casmé mentors young girls and has been on a journey of finding her own voice in the music world. For her Blind Audition she sang “Baby I Love You.” John was the only coach to turn his chair, making Casmé a member of Team Legend.

Michelle Moonshine

Michelle Moonshine previously had the opportunity to audition for The Voice a few years ago but found out she was pregnant. Now the mother a son named Liam, she is finally ready for her time in the spotlight. She sang “Carolina On My Mind” for her Blind Audition. Unfortunately, none of the coaches turned their chairs for her.


Growing up, Desz was super shy and honed into her vocal talent after he mothers death. She sang out loud for the first time at her funeral. She studied opera and classical music in college and had been doing gigs for 10 years before becoming a member of Kanye West’s choir. She sang “Un-break My Heart” by Toni Braxton. Kelly was the first chair turn with John, Gwen and Blake turning their chairs soon after. The coaches complimented her ability to sing such a difficult song with both low alto notes and super high notes.

The episode ended in a cliffhanger so we have to wait until tomorrow night to see who Desz chooses as a coach. Who do you think she will choose?


Who is your favorite artist from this episode of The Voice?


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