‘The Voice’ Contestant Performs Song That Helped Him Through Cancer Battle [VIDEO]

Samantha Agate
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Rayshun LaMarr auditioned for season 14 of The Voice with a song that meant a lot to him. He sang “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey which helped him through his intense battle with Lymphoma. Check out his audition below that might just make you cry.

Rayshun LaMarr Sang A Very Special Song During His Blind Audition On ‘The Voice’

Rayshun always knew from a very young age that he wanted to pursue music. All throughout school he took every opportunity he could to help him launch his music career. He got a callback for The Lion King on Broadway and though he did not get the gig, he continued to look for big opportunities. Even though his cancer and multicentric Castleman’s disease led to him losing part of his hearing, vision and voice, Rayshun was determined to live out his dreams.

After two years of chemotherapy, medication and treatment, Rayshun was ready for his time in the spotlight. He regained his senses back and could not wait for his big moment. He sang the 1981 classic rock hit which immediately struck the interest of coach Adam Levine during his Blind Audition on The Voice. It was just a few seconds into the performance when Adam turned his chair. Coach Alicia Keys soon followed and turned her chair.

“So right before the audition I was super nervous” Rayshun told Talent Recap exclusively. “I had prepared for this moment for quite some time now and I knew that this was my one shot to get it right. No matter how much I rehearsed nothing compared to being there live and actually singing for the world.”

“When I saw those first two chairs turn for me, my heart literally skipped a beat” he continued. “My dream had finally come true. The moment was so surreal, somewhat like a euphoric feeling. I had no idea that they would hit their buttons for me that fast.”


It was a very emotional moment for Rayshun after everything he had been through. He could not wipe the smile off of his face when he saw that the two coaches had turned their chairs for him. They battled it out in the attempt to convince Rayshun to be on their teams. Ultimately, he chose to be on Team Adam. Each week he proved that he was a major vocal powerhouse and the audience fell in love with his infectious personality. He made it all the way to the top eight before he was eliminated from the competition.

Where Is He Now?

After appearing on The Voice, Rayshun performed at several NFL halftime shows. This year he released a single called “Time 4 Change” about the Black Lives Matter movement. The song landed at No.8 on the World Music chart according to his website. Over on his YouTube page, you can also take a listen to all of the songs he recorded after singing them on The Voice. He also continues to update his Instagram with music appearances and new music.

“My favorite part about being on the show was being able to sing and perform alongside many other people who were equally as talented as I,” he continued about his experience on The Voice. “I knew it was a competition but most of the time it felt like family coming together to sing and give a great show together.”

Rayshun LaMarr Is About To Drop An Album

Rayshun is about to drop his latest album called Can’t Hold Back, a mixture of soul, pop and R&B. He already released the lead single off the album with the same name “Can’t Hold Back.” It is available now on all streaming platforms. He is “excited” for this album drop in January, and wants everyone to remember “Rayshun Nation On Your Side!”


Rayshun’s story is very inspiring and his journey on The Voice was well-deserved. What did you think of his take on the classic rock song “Don’t Stop Believin”?

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