‘The Voice’ CLIFFHANGER: Which Coach Will Cali Wilson Choose?

Kyle Montplaisir
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Last night’s episode of The Voice ended with a SHOCK for fans! After Cali Wilson’s Blind Audition, the show cut before she picked a coach.

Let’s take a look at The Voice‘s crazy (and unprecedented) cliffhanger.

Cali Wilson singing “Dreams” for her Blind Audition on The Voice

Cali Wilson’s Blind Audition On ‘The Voice’

A 28-year-old originally from Salem, Iowa, Cali Wilson sang “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac for her Blind Audition. From the start, her tone was mesmerizing and her pitch was right on. But it took the coaches until the chorus before they started turning. Blake and John were first, leading Cali and her family to celebrate! Then, at the last second, Gwen turned her chair too.

The coaches started by talking about her connection to Nashville, which Blake and Kelly both have to comment on. John said her tone is “super gorgeous” and complimented her control. Gwen “was getting lost in” her Blind Audition. Blake does his usual connection to where she’s from and Cali mentions she actually saw him there once! And Kelly had to give him a hard time for talking so much about her hometown, Salem.

But when it came time for Cali Wilson to select a coach, she said “I choose…” And that was it. The show cut with no mention of which coach she picked.


Fan Reactions to The Voice Cliffhanger

Understandably, fans were both confused and unhappy with the cliffhanger. To my knowledge, this has never been done before! Maybe in the very early seasons, but definitely not in the past 14, which I watched religiously.

Here are some of the most popular comments on The Voice‘s video:

Voice Producers: Why exactly would you cliff-hang the last audition of a nights show? What purpose does this serve? Are you afraid that people watching tonight won’t watch tomorrow night? Really annoying!

David Metzener

The Voice: airs possibly the best audition so far this season


Mr. ToadTheGamer

I feel she may go with Blake. I’m guessing that’s who she will pick. Dang it! Why did they leave us hanging? Shoot that suck. She does have a good voice.

Debbie Smitherman

Which Team Will Cali Pick On ‘The Voice’?

We won’t know which coach Cali Wilson picked until the show tonight! But our money is on Blake Shelton. To find out, watch The Voice at 8/7c on NBC. And if you want to see more of Cali, she has a YouTube channel full of covers!

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