The Voice USA

‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions Continue With More Singing Fun

The Voice‘s blind auditions kept going with more singers, more coaches fighting, and action packed chair swiveling. As usual, Blake competed against Miley and Adam for talent while Jennifer just sat back and let the power singers come to her. This season is heating up to be something special.

Sophia Bollman

Sophia sang Invincible and for a second there I thought no one was going to turn around for her. Then, at the last minute, Blake and Miley turned around. She picked Miley.

Karli Webster

Karli belted out the Carley Simon classic You’re So Vain with her sweet, melodic voice. Adam and Miley really wanted her for their teams. She chose Miley for her coach unsurprisingly.

Emily Luther 

Emily did a soulful rendition of Summertime and got turns from Blake, Adam, and Jennifer. She’s like a jazzy, sultry, sexy singer. She went with team Adam, which I kind of think is a mistake. She should have gone with Jennifer.

Stephan Marcellus

Even though Stephan screwed up the beginning of the song, Jennifer still gave him a chance. He got in by the seat of his pants but he does have a good voice. He picked Jennifer, of course.

Anthony Alexander

Do you know how hard it is to sing in a falsetto and do it well? It ain’t easy. Anthony does it and makes it look easy. He reminds me vocally of Michael Jackson or Prince, (RIP). Adam, Miley, and Jennifer. He picked Adam.