‘The Voice’ Artists Aren’t Picking Blake Shelton As Coach Because …

Jill O'Rourke
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Season 17 of ‘The Voice’ is in full swing, and the coaches’ teams are starting to fill up. However, Blake Shelton seems to be having a little trouble convincing artists to work with him this time around.

On Monday night’s new episode, Blake only added one new artist to his team, while all the other coaches added two. (However, the episode ended on a cliffhanger, so we don’t yet know who Cali Wilson chose.) He also has the fewest artists overall so far, with only four.

Blake Shelton loses it over not having any team members on “The Voice.”

Blake Shelton Wants To Know Why He’s Not Getting Picked

Even Blake himself pointed out that his team was filling up slowly during last week’s premiere. He didn’t get his first artist (Kat Hammock) until six artists in.

“Do you guys realize how long I’ve been doing this?” he asked. “Seventeen seasons. I had three people in the finale last year … I have nobody on my team this year! What is going on around here?”

There were several instances where Blake thought he might have a chance, but the artists didn’t choose him. First, Blake blocked Kelly Clarkson from taking Katie Kadan, but she chose to join Team John instead. Later, Kelly regretted not blocking Blake during country star Brennan Lassiter’s performance, believing she would choose him. Instead, Brennan chose Kelly.

Blake Shelton shares a headline about himself on “The Voice.”

Blakey Brags About Himself On ‘The Voice’

Perhaps the funniest rejection Blake got came from Shane Q. Blake took the time to read from an online article about himself to try to convince Shane to join his team.

“Do you want it to be about the coach or about you?” Kelly asked Shane. In the end, Shane chose to join her team, prompting John Legend to make fun of Blake.

Kelly might have a point, though. Blake frequently touts his own track record or finds a flimsy connection with the artist (like telling Katie Kadan he’d been to Chicago), rather than focusing on how he can help them win.

That attitude can make for funny TV, but it might not be enough to convince artists that they want to work with him — even if he does get a lot of artists to the finale.

Gwen Stefani blocks Blake Shelton on “The Voice.”

Blake Gets Blocked — Twice!

It doesn’t help matters for Blake that he’s the only coach who’s been blocked twice this season. Last week, his girlfriend Gwen Stefani blocked him during Kyndal Inskeep’s performance, and ended up getting her on her team.

This week, Kelly saved her block to keep Marybeth Byrd from joining Blake’s team. However, it didn’t work out for her, because Marybeth chose to join Team John instead. (She mentioned that she would have chosen Blake if she had the opportunity.)

It will be interesting to see how Blake’s team stacks up against the others’ after the blind auditions, and if he ends up stealing any of the artists he initially wanted later in the season.

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