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The Talent Recap Show: Who’s The Frontrunner On Each ‘The Voice’ Team?

We’re down to the top 24 on The Voice and the teams are starting to really take shape. It’s at this point in the competition when we start to see contestants coming to the forefront. In this week’s action-packed episode of The Talent Recap Show, we discuss who we think is the favorite on each team.

At first glance it looks like Adam is in trouble. He only has four artists left while Blake has eight and John and Kelly six each. BUT Adam has a secret weapon in Mari who has been a favorite since day one. I think it would be great if she won if for no other reason than having a Black girl win for the first time would be great. As for Kelly, there is no doubt that her favorite is Jej Vinson. I personally think he’s going to take the crown. We’ve interviewed him and he is also a super nice guy. With John’s team we think Maelyn stands the best chance. She is rock solid in all of her performances plus she’s the type of singer The Voice LOOOVES. Finally, with Blake, it’s a toss-up for us between Dexter and Gyth. Both great country guys and in Blake’s hands that is a dangerous thing.


So, who do you think is the frontrunner on each team? Do you agree with us? Do you not agree with us? Let us know either in the comments below or in the YouTube comment section of The Talent Recap Show video.