Talent Recap Show

The Talent Recap Show: Kelly Clarkson Enrages ‘The Voice’ Fans And The Live Cross Battles Announced

The battle rounds on The Voice came to a close and that normally would mean the Knockouts would start. But hold on there, pal! The show is mixing things up with the new Live Cross Battles. Get ready for it!

But the real BS that happened this week had to do with coach Kelly Clarkson. So, earlier in the season Kelly was whining that no country guys were picking her. Then she finally landed THE country dude: Jackson Marlow. He’s the nephew of The Voice‘s own Red Marlow and a damn good singer in his own right. He’s also easy on the eyes. Mel and I really thought Kelly could go all the way with Jackson. And then this week she cut him loose like he was nothing. Fans are piiiiiisssssed. Especially because he totally won that battle. I don’t understand Kelly sometimes.

As for the Live Cross Battles, I think it’s going to be great. People from different teams going head-to head and we, the fans, get to vote on it? I’m here for it. I guess The Voice figures it’s got to keep things fresh to be relevant.