The Talent Recap Show: Fans Debate – Was This Sexy ‘AGT’ Act Inappropriate Or Was It Great Talent?

Jack Tomas
8 months

On our latest thrilling episode of The Talent Recap Show Mel and I talk about the last episode of auditions. We discuss Julianne’s magnificent Golden Buzzer as well as a couple of acts that many fans think was too hot for AGT.

Was This ‘AGT’ Sexy Act Too Much?

Of all the talent competition shows we cover America’s Got Talent is perceived as the most family friendly. For the most part the singers, magicians, and comedians that come on the show are pretty PG rated. Sure, some of the comics can get a little risque, but it’s not that big of a deal. Then you get acts like Paco and Eliza that have moms across America reaching to clutch their pearls. Basically, the act consisted of the two young lovers engaged in a passionate kiss while doing some acrobatic tricks.

Simon Cowell’s Reaction To The Sext Act

Simon Cowell and the audience reacts to the ‘AGT’ sexy kissing act

The audience was outraged and Simon looked away. They literally got booed off the stage. Now, this seems like an extreme reaction to me personally. I mean, it made me uncomfortable too but it was a talent…sort of.

Marco and Elisa sexy act on French version of Got Talent

Then Duo MainTenanT hit the stage with a SLIGHTLY less erotic acrobatic act that was still hella sexy. Though this act went on to the next round, some fans online were still saying that the show has gotten too sexy. I really don’t think so.

Duo MainTenanT ‘AGT’ acrobatic sexy act

This show is incredibly tame. Not to be flippant but if you are that easily offended maybe stick to cartoons. Let us know what you think in the comments below or in the video above, has the show grown to be too sensual?

We also discussed Luke Islam, Julianne Hough’s great Golden Buzzer. Damn. This kid can sing. He performed a number from the musical Waitress that was so good the people in the show commented on how good he was. High praise indeed.

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