The Talent Recap Show: Are American Acts Losing To Foreign Acts On ‘AGT’?

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Get ready Talentrecappers, this episode of The Talent Recap Show is hard-hitting. Not really. We discuss whether or not American acts on AGT are not doing as well against international performers. That was certainly the case this week.

This week’s episode of AGT continued the Judge Cuts round with guest judge Dwyane Wade. It doesn’t hurt that he is Gabrielle Union’s husband, (they are sickeningly cute together). The Indian acts killed it. Not only did V. Unbeatable get Dwyane’s golden buzzer, but danger act Bir Khlasa killed, (almost literally).

Speaking of danger acts, check out our list of 9 most DANGEROUS acts on ‘AGT’ ever!

Then you had the singing ladies from our neighbor to the North, Gforce. And let’s not forget magician Dom Chambers from Australia. Sure, there were Americans like Robert Finley and Ryan Niemiller as well. But it goes back to an old question: Shouldn’t America’s Got Talent only have acts from America?

‘AGT’ Judge Cuts 2 Results

The good news is, if you think your favorite act deserves to be in the live shows, you may still get your wish through the AGT Wilcards. Every season two or three acts come back for a second chance to perform in the quarter-finals round of the show. So here’s your chance to make your voice heard and vote for your favorite act to come back:

Click here to VOTE: Which act would you like to see come back as the WILDCARD act?

I don’t care if there are international acts. I believe as long as it’s entertaining and the people are talented then I don’t care where they are from. But MANY fans have written in our comments over the years that some people think that in order to compete you have to be American. It’s nonsense if you ask me.

Variety vs. Singing Acts On ‘AGT’

We also talked about how singers also didn’t do well with only Robert Finley getting through. That’s another old question people often ask: It should only be variety acts on a variety show. This is also puzzling. Because I remember people singing in variety shows as a kid. It shouldn’t be all singers, of course. But it isn’t and this week proved it.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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