The Real Reason One Direction Fans Hate Simon Cowell

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Simon Cowell has been a pioneer of the entertainment industry for over a decade and responsible for putting together One Direction on season 7 of The X Factor. The group was later signed to his record label Syco Music, but have all since left and gone their own separate ways. One Direction fans have always notoriously hated on Simon especially now after he posted about the group’s 10th anniversary. The question is, why?

After Simon posted to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of One Direction, one look at the comments on the post makes it clear that their massive fanbase is not a huge fan of his. “You are the worst thing that could ever happen to all of US. YOU TOOK AWAY THEIR FREEDOM, you didn’t deserve those five wonderful boys, they were amazing without you” said one comment.

Why Do One Direction Fans Hate Simon Cowell?

The One Direction fanbase believes the boys were roped into signing contracts that gave them pretty much no creative freedom. After a leak revealed The X Factor contract in 2008 which protected Simon from any of the acts saying defamatory things about him, Directioners definitely think the boys had to hold their tongues while working with him and not express any of the anxieties or pressures they were feeling.


Since they did not end up winning the show, it is believed they were eager to work with Simon to get their first big break. Many think it did more harm than good. Over the years, there have been several reports and fan theories about how strict the management team behind One Direction actually was. In one video entitled “The Dark Side Of One Direction,” it was speculated that the boys were not allowed to dye their hair or change up their wardrobe because of branding. Zayn Malik dyed a blond streak in his hair and management reportedly had a fit but could not do anything about it because it was in the midst of a public appearance.

Liam Payne also opened up in an interview about suffering “horrible anxiety” during his time with the group which really painted a sad image of this stardom under Simon’s leadership. Zayn Malik once had to pull out of a public appearance because he suffered an anxiety attack. Fans think Simon is to blame for this for overworking them and enforcing so many restrictions.

Was Simon Trying To Hide A Relationship Between Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson?

Another constant in Simon’s comments on social media is the mention of the name “Larry.” This refers to One Direction fans who believe there was a relationship going on between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson since The X Factor days. Fans do think that this relationship had to be kept under wraps because Simon thought it would be bad for their public image. He wanted Harry to have the brand or image that he was a flirt to virtually any girl, and for Louis to be the boy next door.

Simon also created a lot of buzz in 2016 when he half-jokingly said that One Direction was a “nightmare” to work with when he first began to work with them on The X Factor. They went on to put out five albums under his label which some fans also thought was too much pressure and work in a short amount of time.


Since the group announced their hiatus in 2016, they have all gone on to have very successful solo careers and the One Direction fanbase lives on. If you’re a Directioner, let us know in the comments below if you are a fan of Simon or not and why.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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